Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


13. "Because I believe they would get a very naughty show if they did"

*Tom POV*
 "No it isn't Luke, she thinks I am engaged and probably that I just fucked Lucy". He is devastated at hov betrayed she must be feeling.
 Luke points to Lucy. "But you are engaged Tom, we are sending out the official notification later today".
 "Now you listen to me for once Luke, I say no, I am done get it ? Change that press release to tell that we have brooken up and get Lucy shipped back home or I swear to God I will fire you". He shouts.
 Luke is about to say something, but then he just nods, he is smart enough to see that Tom is serious and wont budge on this.
 "You can't do that Tommy boy, I am not done with you". Lucy shrieks and grabs his arm.
 Tom pulls free from her grasp. "Don't call me that Lucy, and I am done with you, go home to your lover, which ever one of them you prefer, and no Ben is not interested, he is way to smart to go there".
 He sees Benedict snicker and send him a somewhat proud smile, before he runs out the door to find Aria.
 Tom isn't as stupid as Lucy seemed to think, of course he know that she has other men, and he has seen the way she has been eyeing Benedict since she arrived yesterday.
 She has to be going back towards the convent, but he doesn't know if she is walking or if she has taken a taxi, so he gets a taxi, if she is walking he will be there waiting when she gets back.
 He needs to get to her, to explain, he can't stand the thought of losing her and he don't care about the trouble it might cause him.
 As he reaches the church and convent he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know if she has arrived back or if she is out in the city and he can't exactly just knock on the door and ask for her.
 He is pacing outside the convent wall, when he is certain he hears her voice, and without thinking, he is climbing the 8 foot wall, luckily it is overgrown with ivy.

*Aria POV*
 She had run for a while, but then got a taxi back, and she is now walking around the little convent garden with Mia and Sabina, trying to forget the sight of that woman touching Tom.
 "He is engaged to her ? I actually thought they hade broken up since he was here without her, I am so sorry Aria". Mia says.
 She shakes her head. "I should have known, he is a man after all, at least now I know I have made the right choice".
 At that moment they hear some commotion from the wall, and Tom drops down next to them, cursing as he stumbled and then putting his hand over his mouth.
 "Tom ? What on earth are you doing here ? You can't be here and I don't wanna talk to you". Aria says, looking around frightened.
 "Well we are going to talk, but first". He grabs her and kisses her greedily, making Mia and Sabina gasp.
 She is trying to catch her breath and Tom looks at the two younger girls. "Would you please excuse us ? I would like to speak privately with Aria".
 "Of course, and I will try to make sure no one else is going out here". Mia says with a smile, and drags Sabina with her inside.
 "So do your fiancee know you are here ?" She looks up at him, it hurts to look at him.
 He cups her chin in his large hand and look into her eyes. "She is not my fiancee, she was my girlfriend but it wasn't reel, do you understand ? I never had any feelings for her, it was just a cover".
 "I think so Tom, but what was she doing in your room then and why did she say that she is your fiancee ?" She is biting down on her lip.
 His thumb graces her cheek. "She slept in my bed, but I slept on the couch, I was only in there to get my clothes, and we were supposed to get engaged, they tried to push me, but I have called it all of, it will be official later today that we have brooken up".
 "Oh so you are single, for real ?" She askes, feeling the butterflies erupt in her stomach.
 He leans down, kissing her lips softly, the he looks into her eyes, it feels like he is staring into her soul. "Not for long I hope".
 "I.. I don't know Tom, what would you want me do ? I have no where else to go, I can't just leave the convent". Oh she would love to just be with him, but that is not how the world works.
 He pulls her into him. "We will work,that out darling, I promise you that, and I promise I wont let you down".
 The butterflies is now doing a jitterbug or something like it and she is pressing herself into him.
 "Darling, does people often come out in this garden ?" He is kissing her neck, whispering into her ear.
 She knows what he wants, and she should tell him no, but she just can't say no to him, she is totally in his power. "No almost only very early or in the evening".
 "That is good, because I believe they would get a very naughty show if they did". He presses her against the wall, kissing her deeply.
 He pulls down her panties, before hoisting her up, she folds her legs around his hips, as he is kissing and biting down her neck.
 She has one hand laced in his hair and one entwined in the ivy on the wall, as he uses one hand to open his pants and pull out his hard cock.
 Her eyes rolls back in her head and she lets out a little scream, as he buries himself balls deep in her, stopping for at second for her to adjust to him, before starting to move.
 He is ravaging her neck and shoulder, while thrusting into her again and again, she is moaning, throwing her head back and he finds her breast, holding her in place with one hand.
 They are so caught up in one another, that they don't see Sabina watching them, an angry look on her face.
 "Cum for me my angel". He whisperes in her ear, and she feels herself come undone, crying out his name, holding onto him like a drowning man would hold on to a buoy.
 And he comes with her, chanting her name like a prayer, then he just holds her close, whispering against her neck. "I love you my angel".

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