Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


16. "And you fucked his sweet little girl"

 *Tom POV*
 When he arrived outside the bar he found Arias friend, what was her name ? Mia waiting, looking rather upset and nervous. "Hi Mia ? Were is Aria ?"
 "I am so sorry Tom, Sabina was jealous, and she went to the mother superior to rip you apart". Mia looked almost in tears.
 Tom felt his heart sink, did they still punished novices in the convent ? "Where is she Mia ? Is she okay ?"
 "She is gone Tom, her father picked her up last night, she has gone home to Sicily, she told me to tell you she is sorry and to say goodbye". Mia looked at him.
 He bit his lip hard, he just wanted to scream, but that wouldn't help, he had to keep his cool and find a solution. "Do you know where she live ? Or her last name ?"
 "Her last name is Camino, her father is some big shot, that is all I know, but she told me that you can't to after her, her father is dangerous". Mia looked at him.
 He shook his head. "I don't care, I am going to get her, I can't let her just disappear like that".
 "Good luck Tom, I hope everything goes well, but be carefull". Mia smiled at him, then she turned and ran back to the convent.
 He got a taxi back to the hotel, barging into Benedicts room. "Ben I am sorry, we have to take a break in filming, I need to go to Sicily right know".
 "What the hell Tom why ? What happened ?" Benedict looks up at him from the book he was reading.
 Tom goes to the table and grabs his lap top. "Someone told on her to the mother superior, her father has taken her back to Sicily, I need to go get her Ben".
 "Do you think that is a good idea Tom ? Do you even know were to find her ?" Benedict puts down his book .
 Tom looks up. "I have to Ben, I love her, she is the only one I ever want, I know that her last name is Camino and her father is some big shot in Sicily, I should be able to find her".
 "That name sounds familiar, I am pretty sure I read it somewhere, but I don't know how commen it is". Benedict walks over and grabs the lap top.
 Tom starts pacing the floor while Benedict is searching, after a while he sighed deeply and leans back looking at Tom. "Sorry to tell you, but you are in deep trouble Tom, I wont recommend going to Sicily, what I would recommend is leaving Italy as fast as possible".
 "What is it Ben ? What did you find out ?" Tom walks over, wondering why Benedict uctually looks scared.
 Bendict points to the screen. "Her father is Vincenzo 'the butcher' Camino and he didn't earn that name by selling meat, we are talking a real life mafiosa, one of the most dangerous men in italy Tom and you fucked his sweet little girl, what do you think he thinks about that ?"
 "Well he probably ain't to happy with me, but I have to go Ben, I can't loose her, can you get me a ticket ?" He goes back into his own room to pack.
 Ten minutes later Benedict walks into his room with a bag in his hand. "Hurry up, I have helicopter waiting for us ready to take off as soon as we get there".
 "For us ? Ben you are not coming, you just told me it was bordering on suicide, I can't let you go with me". He shakes his head.
 Benedict just walks to the door. "I am not arguing Tom, I am going with you and that is final".
 "I can't say anything to change your mind, can I ?" Tom looks at him and Benedict shakes his head.

*Aria POV*
 She is walking around the big house, her father know she wont run away, she wont risking him finding Tom.
 This is her nightmare, this is why she chose the convent, to get away from her father and his business and from him wanting to marry her of as a price to some business connection.
 She is thinking about Tom, wondering what he is doing now, she misses him so badly, but she know that he is lost to her forever.
 There is nothing to do but forget it and hope her father at least finds her a man that will treat her good.

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