Love does not last

The story will be about someone who is famous and falls in love with this girl from a town called cattersvillage....will he fall in love for her or will it last his love for another girl? Find out when you read the story!


1. Were we met

There was this new girl that every one was talking about but did anyone know who she really was? So my name is Jessica Ree and I would like a job her. Of course evey one would say yes, so she took the job. then the most hottest guy comes in of course you can already know he's a player the most famous guy is a player he goes up to the desk and I would like a do....When he saw her beautiful eyes they were brown like dark chocolate and her hair it was so bright and gold it could be the sun. H.i hi who must you be. when she saw him his eyes were as blue as the sky and the words when it came out from him was as so soft and gentle like the wind and his hair was a blond as the sun. And all she could say was I'm Jessica Ree and I just got this job and you? He said soft and gentle as a cold breeze came through the coffee shop I'm jackob...jackob consoles

Thank you guys so much for reading I will make more! 


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