Love does not last

The story will be about someone who is famous and falls in love with this girl from a town called cattersvillage....will he fall in love for her or will it last his love for another girl? Find out when you read the story!


3. Is It Real Love?

(Hey guys I hope you liked my story thanks for reading it there will be more then I expected OK let's get started to the story im wasting time talking :))

As I walked slowly to anywhere I could think of I saw this very nice hotel I decided to check in until I get a apartment. As I walked in I payed and took my keys and stuff to my room 101 lucky it was only in the second floor as I opened it I saw a hot tub in this big patio and the bathroom looked like real gold and as I put my stuff on my bed I fell fast asleep on it. By the time I woke up I heard a knock on the door luckily it woke me up at seven o clock. Coming I yelled! As I opened it I was surprised to see jackob out of all these people that I was thinking of. Hey,hey I said wait wait wait how did you find me? I saw you walking home the other night.oh never mind wanna come in? Sure why not. I have a question for you jackob why did you not tell me you were famous? Cause I like you and I did not want to ruin are relationship just cause I was famous. 

(Hey,hey,hey I hope you liked this story or chapter what ever so hope you read the next chapter when I post it and see what hapens)

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