Love does not last

The story will be about someone who is famous and falls in love with this girl from a town called cattersvillage....will he fall in love for her or will it last his love for another girl? Find out when you read the story!


2. In Shock

(hey guys were back to the story hope you liked my fist chapter if you did please comment what you thought!)

Jackob consoles nice name. Thank you hey maybe I'll see you later,bye,bye I said smiling at him and when I just noticed that everyone was staring at me and I looked around they had there mouths right open like if they had not seen a boy and a girl flirt. But I can't stop wondering were he flirting with me or was he just talking to me? When shift was over I walked outside and took one step out and cameras were everywhere pointing at me asking so many questions. Like how did you talk to him when something caught my eye I heard some one scream you know he's famous he would not talk to any one. I was In shocked he is famous? I screamed a happy joy in my head yay but people kept crowding so I went back in and I went out the back window. A t.v stood right there like I was in Hollywood and said how did this Jessica talk to Jackob we are all wondering are they dating but the real question is who would date some one that works at a coffee shop then dating a famous model or movie star or anyone that is famous! Then I started crying and asked my self who would ever like me even the t.v is right.

Hey guys hoped you liked it I hope I wright more tell me how you liked it! I'm extremely excited to hear what you have to say!

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