My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


12. Twelve

Pov Ella - Two months later

              I pulled into the art gallery parking lot and parked my car. I grabbed the few painting I brought with me. I walked inside and Amber told me what booth I would be setting up at, and then went over there. I started to set up and heard some say my name. I looked up to see my ex-boyfriend Louis from high school. "Hi?" I said. "How you been?" "Good, I mean...I could be a lot better." I said scratching my head. "I'm sorry hope whatever is bugging you goes away....This is Omar by the way." "Hello..." Omar said putting his hand out. "Hello, I'm Gisella, you can call me Ella." I shook his warm strong hand and smiled. "Nice to meet you." He said smiling. "Same here...So Louis how have you been? How's college?" "It's going great. I have a girlfriend now, she reminds me a lot like you with her artistic skills. She does paintings of people, like realistic things.You're more fun with your art though." "Well that's good, glad you found someone." I smiled. "Dude you and Omar should talk." Omar and I looked at each other. "Nah man... I don't mess with friends ex's." "Oh come on Omar, I'm giving you permission." I laughed a little and shook my head. "Let this girl set up. Let's go to girlfriends booth." Omar said pushing Louis towards the other direction. 

           After the art show, no one wanted to buy any of my art, which was fine cause I wanted to go home. I packed all my stuff up and walked out to my car. I put my stuff in the trunk and got into my car and left. Once I got home and got everything in my empty and quiet apartment, I grabbed a beer and sat down on my couch. I turned on Izombie on Netflix. I felt my phone vibrate on the seat next to me. 
Tanner: Hey how was the art show?
Me: Same one bought anything
Tanner: Awe man that sucks....You haven't gotten any calls either?
Me: Nope not since....Ya know Dan and I's break up
Tanner: I'm sorry, you want me to buy one from you lol
Me: Lol hey I mean if you want one then sure
Tanner: How much you charge?
Me: Depends on the detail and what type of paint I use
Tanner: Ooooh, Well I might have to make you do a painting for my sister or my mom
Me: Let me know lol I'll give you a discount 
Tanner: Shit you're the best how much of discount do I get lol
Me: 10%
Tanner: :/ Some discount lmao
Me: Lol indeed it is.... I have a question?
Tanner: Hit me with it
Me: Do you and Dan still talk?
Tanner: Nope, the last time I talked to him was last month because he had some stuff of mine and I needed it back....He asked about you
Me: What did he want to know?
Tanner: Just how you were doing, I just told him you were doing just fine without him and then left
Me: Harsh lol 
Tanner: Hey lol Fuck him...Anyway ME. YOU. date tomorrow
Me: Lol okay, when?
Tanner: I'll be there by three
Me: Okay lol love how you just make plans without even asking me if I had to work
Tanner: Lol sorry you know I'm that special friend ;) 
Me: Lmao STOOOOOP, I've had enough of you tonight good night lol
Tanner: Lol Night

               Tanner showed up at my place around three like he said. He decided that we would go out to eat around five and then after dinner he would just stay over and we would just chill at my place. We went to this seafood restaurant and then after we finished eat we went to the store and bought cookie doe because we wanted cookies later. We got back to my place and Tanner plopped down on my couch and I went into my room to put on something more comfortable. I put on black sweat pants and just had red shirt on. I walked back out and Tanner was on Netflix looking for something to watch. "Hey you watch this Izombie show?" "Yea why?" I asked while sitting down next to him. "How is it?" "I like it a lot to be honest. Do you like Criminal Minds?" "Indeed I do." "Well then you would like Izombie." "Awesome, I see you're on the second season." "If you want to watch it from season one I don't mind rewatching it." "Okay..." He put on the first episode of Izombie and as he did that I got some drinks. I handed him the drink and I sat back down next to him. "So far it's okay." "What the show or that drink you just spilled on yourself?" I laughed. "Bitch....The show..." He shoved my arm and laughed. He got up and dried himself off. 

               After we had a few drinks and watched a few of the episodes of Izombie, we decided to make the cookies. I pulled out the cookie doe and we started to put them on the cookie sheet. I put them in the oven and then we got another drink. "Hey want a smoke?" He said holding a blunt. "Sure..." He lit up the blunt and we passed it back and forth until it was done with. It wasn't enough to get us high but it was enough to make feel relaxed. The timer beeped and I got up to get the cookies out of the oven. I put them on the stove to let them cool and then sat back down. Tanner came out of the bathroom and looked over at the cookies. "Damn they is done, and I'm ready to go eat them." "Have fun burning your mouth then." "Nah they all good." He said walking over to them. I got up and followed him. He picked up a cookie and took a bite out of it. "See, they're fine. I mean they're still hot but this mouth can handle anything." "Besides a vagina." I said sarcastically with a chuckle. He threw his cookie at me. "Hey!" "Hey yourself." I picked up the cookie off the floor and threw it in the trash. I grabbed a paper towel and wet it and as I turned around Tanner grabbed me by the arms and just kissed me on the lips. He looked at me as I looked at him. 

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