My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


13. Thirteen

Pov Ella 

               I woke the next morning to Tanner gone. I didn't think to much of it so I just did my normal routine. As I was finding something to wear I heard my phone buzz on my dresser. I looked to see who it was. 
Tanner: sorry about last night
Me: The kiss?
Tanner: Yea....I don't know what got over me....I was just really high and drunk so I just kissed you...
Me: Lol Tanner, it was just a kiss....Yea it was awkward af but it's whatever....Didn't know you were a light weight though lol
Tanner: Lol yea I am; I think I was more high then drunk....I smoked more dope before coming out of the bathroom, so yea....But I just don't want anything to be awkward between us....
Me: No your fine lol I wasn't in my right mind either....
Tanner: Yea....well I'm gonna let you go, I gotta go to work
Me: Okay, well talk to you later

                I went out and did some errands. I went to the mall to go get some new clothes. I walked into Forever21 and I started looking through the clothing racks. I felt someone tap on my shoulder, so I turned. "Hey, Ella right?" "Yes....Omar correct?" "Indeed....Sorry if I'm bugging you, I just noticed you and just wanted to say hi." "Oh no you aren't bothering me at all." I smiled and continued to talk; "Are you here with anyone?" "My sister and her friend." He pointed and his sister her friend, they had to be about sixteen. "How come?" "My mom took her car away cause of a bad grade and so her and her friend wanted to get something so yea...." "Oh...." His sister and her friend walked up with a bag. "We're done..." He looked over at her. "Okay....Go get your bubble tea and then we're leaving." She nodded and then Omar looked back at me. "You wanna tag a long with me?" He side smiled. "Sure, nothing is interesting me here." I chuckled and then walked besides him. "How old are you by the way?" "I'm twenty one..." "Twenty three...Is that okay?" "Yea that's perfectly fine." "What are you doing later tonight?" "Nothing, probably eating and going to bed..Why?" "Well I wanna get to know you more...Wanted to see if you wanted to do dinner...." "I would love to...." "Great! Let me get your number." He handed me his phone and I put my number in and texted myself from his phone. "How old is you sister?" "She's sixteen, about to be seventeen next weekend." I nodded, and felt my phone buzz. I looked at the text.
Tanner: Hey, guess who I bumped into?
Me: Damien?
Tanner: Kat and Dan
Me: Not a surprise
Tanner: They were holding hands...and once Damien saw me he let go of her hand lol
Me: Still not a surprise.....
I put my phone back in my purse and then continued to talk to Omar.

              Omar ended up not being able to do dinner so we decided to go out for ice cream. I met him at the ice cream shop not to far from me. I just got a cookie doe ice cream and he got a plain chocolate ice cream. We sat down at a near by bench. "So, you like art...What else do you like?" He asked putting a spoon full of ice cream in his mouth. "Well, I use to play the guitar....I use to actually sing but I moved out and just got into painting and quit. I don't really do much..." "That's awesome though, you should totally pick that hobby back up. I play the piano and guitar, right now I'm trying to get my own record, but been busy becoming a detective." "Yea I've been really wanting to pick it back up but I sold my guitar cause when I first moved I had no money for food or to even buy things I needed, and that's when I started selling my paintings...but that would be amazing if you got your own record and you became a detective." "That sucks....I could never sell my babies." He chuckled and so did I. We began talk about relationship stuff and just even mentioning what me and Damien had just killed me on the inside. I missed him but I knew it was best to keep him out of my life.

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