My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


16. Sixteen

 Pov Ella - One month later
​               It was a cool Saturday morning when I woke up. I got up and made coffee and sat on my couch watching the original powerpuff girls. My phone rang and interrupted my peace and quiet. I got up and picked up my phone. "Hey Tanner..." "Hey! Sorry if I woke you, I just wanted to see what you were doing later tonight?" "Omar invited me to go out to dinner with his family; Sunday I'm free though." "I'm not free Sunday....damn, and next weekend is my birthday so Jay is wanting to take me somewhere. What about Wednesday or Thursday?" "I'm usually off on Thursday's but I have to make sure, so I'll let you know by Monday night..." I said sipping on my hot black coffee. "Great! Well I'm gonna let you go, I have to go to the store with Jay and he's over here being impatient." He chuckled. "Alright, I'll talk to you later. Tell Jay I said Hi and Bye." "I will, bye." I hung up and sat my phone back down on my nightstand.
​               After I drank my second cup of coffee I decided to go and paint while listening to classical music. I began to paint this beach scenery. As I kept painting I lost track of time and soon the sun was going down. My phone ringing snapped me back into the real world. I looked to see who was calling and it was Omar. "Hey..." "Hey, I'm gonna be there in about ten minutes." "Oh okay...." I said in a worrisome tone. "Are you ready?" "Yea, I'm just doing my makeup." I said nervously walking into my bathroom. "Okay, well no rush if you aren't, everyone is running late." He chuckled. "Okay well I'm going to let you go so I can finish." We said bye and then I got into the shower quickly. I washed my hair and body very quick and then got out and wrapped my towel around my wet body. I walked in my room and quickly dried my body with my towel and then rubbed the towel through my hair. I grabbed out a simple black quartered sleeve dress out of my closet. I put on my bra, underwear and the dress. As I finished brushing out my damp hair Omar knocked on my door. I looked at my makeup bag and pulled out my eyeliner and massacre and quickly did that. He knocked again has I finished up my eyeliner. I ran to the door and answered it. "Heeeeeeey Omar." I smiled ear to ear with a soft chuckle. He raised his left eyebrow and looked at me. "Hey Gisella...." He chuckled. "Well I'm already to go." He started to laugh and said, "You're to cute Ella.....I know you weren't even ready when I called. Plus, your dress is on backwards, and your hair should of been pretty dry, aaaaand you usually wear a little more makeup than just eyeliner and massacre. You can't fool me Ella. Go finish your things." He smiled. I chuckled in embarrassment and went back into my room to fix my dress and finish my makeup.
​               Once dinner was over Omar took back home. He came inside and we both sat down on my couch. "Thank you again for buying me dinner." "You're welcome Ella, thank you for coming and keeping me company." "Anytime." "So how are you and Damien doing?" "Good....Why?" "Well I finally met up with him last weekend." "Well how was it?" "He's changed a lot. Kat came over and she's defiantly changed a lot. Damien changed in a good way, but Kat she's just a big ol' stinky cunt." My eye's widen. "I mean yea...."  He laughed and so did I. "Do you wanna date?" He asked with a gulp. "Ummmm, what?" He looked at me. "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I blushed. "Yes..." He seemed to be shocked. "Really?" "Yes really...." I said while nudging his arm. He chuckled. "Well I guess I should get going..." "You can stay the night if you want...." "That would nice cause I'm tired ass fuck." "Yea same."
​              We both went to sleep after I got into some sweat pants and a shirt. He slept in my bed with me. In the morning he woke me up and told me he had to get going cause he had to go to work. So when I woke up he wasn't there. I made some coffee as usual, and made some toast. As I drank my coffee I got a text from Omar and Damien.
​Omar: Hey, I'm happy that you said yes, next Saturday I want to take to this whole in the wall restaurant. I think you would really like it
​Me: Sounds great!
​Damien: Hey how are you?
Me: Good and you?
Damien reply quickly.
​Damien: Pretty good....Omar told me you two are dating now...True?
​Me: Yes it's true, why are you asking?
​Damien: Just wanted to congratulate you and him. He's a good guy....
​Me: Yea I know he is....
Omar: Good :)
​Damien didn't reply and I didn't reply to Omar. I sat my phone down and just drank my coffee.        



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