My Love

Gisella meets a handsome guy at an art show. They traded numbers and from there things just hit off between them, but this guy was hiding a big secret. His secret makes her fall in love with him even more. They end up moving on from each other and loving other people but then, something tragic happens that leaves Gisella in trouble for it. Read to find out.


17. Seventeen

Pov Ella - Weeks later
I woke up from my phone buzzing near my ear.
​Damien: Hey are you up? I need to talk to someone...
​I read as I was half awake.
​Me: I am now? What's up?
​I looked at the time and it was two in the morning. I looked next to me, and Omar was snoring quietly.
​Damien: I know you don't like Kat, but I just don't know what to do....Like I love her and all but she's been acting offish...
Me: Like how?
​I rolled my eyes. I knew this whole Kat and Damien thing wouldn't last long.
​Damien: Like she never wants to do anything with me anymore. Like tonight for instant; I asked her earlier this morning if she wanted to come over for dinner, and she was like yes I would love to and then an hour before she was suppose to come she cancelled, told me family issues....Soooooo, I think she may be cheating on me....
​Me: Well it sounds like it....Not sure what to really tell you....But hey I'm really really tired so I'm gonna go...
​I didn't even wait for his reply; I just turned off my sound and fell back to sleep.
​            I woke up around seven and Omar was still sleeping. I got up and went to the bathroom, and then I went out to the kitchen to make some coffee. As my coffee was brewing I went back into my room and grabbed my phone and then went back out and sat at the dinning room table.
​Damien: Okay, well thanks for the help....
I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or if he was actually thanking me. I didn't reply to him. I turned on my sound to my phone and then got up to pour some coffee in my cup. I sat back down and my phone went off.
​Tanner: Hey, did you get a text from Dan last night?
​Me: Yea I did why?
​Tanner: I didn't even reply to him.....He was needing advice about him and Kat
​Me: Yea he was doing the same to me....I didn't really want to even help him because he got himself into that mess
​Tanner: Exactly....He honestly needs to get his life together....Has he told he losing his house?
​Me: No he didn't...Why is he losing his house?
​Tanner: Money issues.....Kat is making him blow his money away on her. He bought her a new car....I'm like dude why would you even do that....
​Me: What the hell? He really needs to end that whole relationship and have her pay him back for the car.
​Tanner: That's what I told him when he bought her the car, but he's just the type of person that doesn't like being alone.
​Me: Well I rather be alone then go in debt and become broke from some hoe ass girl....
​Tanner: For real....So I don't know what he's gonna do about that whole house situation...
Me: Neither do I...
               Omar finally woke up thirty minutes later. He poured a cup of coffee for himself and then I told him what Tanner told me. Omar and I talked for about an hour and then he left to go back home so he could get ready for work. I did some things around my apartment before I had to go to work. In the process of cleaning Damien was texting me.
​Damien: Hey sorry for ranting about Kat late last night just needed someone to talk to and Tanner didn't want to talk...So sorry if I bugged you
​Me: You did wake me up but it's okay I understand... I think you should really break it off with her
Damien: Why?
​Me: Tanner told me about you buying her a car and now you're probably going to lose that beautiful home
​Damien: Wish he didn't tell you those things, I was gonna tell you but just haven't had time....
​Me: Well he did, besides that I just think she's using you for your money....Honestly, why do you even love her?
​Damien: Cause....She's been with me through everything. Me coming out to my parents, my transition, my break ups...She's been there with me through my whole life pretty much. That's why I love her....
​Me: But do you love as in I wanna marry this girl, or as a best friend?
​Damien: Best friends....
Me: Then break it off....You think she's cheating on you anyways....
Damien: Yea, you're right....
​I said nothing more and continued with my things.
​               Later that night I went over to Omar's place for dinner. Normally we had dinner together. As we ate dinner Omar just looked at me with the grin on his face. "What? Is there somethin on my face?" I said wiping my mouth with my finger. "No babe....I just want to ask you something." "Well don't be weird like that just ask..." I chuckled while shoving a piece of bake potato in my mouth. "I know you were saying you were wanting to get into a home and get out of that small apartment." "Yes?" "Well, I know we've been dating for a month now but would you like to live with me. I could use some company here. I'll pay off your apartment, and then you could use that for an art studio. We could eventually remodel it to make it look like an art studio, if you want..." "Omar I would love to move in with you....And you don't have to pay off the apartment..." "No I want to...." He smiled. "When can I move in?" "This weekend." "Awesome." I smiled and continued to eat.

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