The Kennedy Effect

Emerson and Sterling Kennedy are known as "the power twins". They're part of an elite family and tend to get everything handed to them. The attention they get has been branded "The Kennedy Effect". Sterling loves it, but Emerson just wishes she could earn something because she worked for it, not because of her family.


4. chapter 4

When Emerson woke up, it was past 5:00 PM..

    “Good morning, sunshine, you feeling any better?” Sterling was sitting on her bed typing away on her laptop. She was back to acting like herself and not as obnoxiously chirpy as she was in the morning.

    “Lil bit. What’s the plan for tonight?”

    “Well Sam, the SGD recruitment chair I was telling you about, wants to get dinner with us. They’re going to a party with another frat and they invited us. I say we go, then we go to the SigKap house again?” Emerson liked the idea of going back to the SigKap house, she wanted to see Zac again. But, at the same time, she didn’t want to seem too desperate.

    “Well, let’s grab dinner with them first before we make up our minds about what house to go to.” Emerson sat up in her bed and reached for her phone. Her heart sank a little bit as she scrolled through her notifications without seeing Zac’s name anywhere. Sighing, she got out of bed and changed back to the jeans she had on earlier. She brushed out her hair and reapplied her make-up. “You ready?” She turned to face her sister.

    “Yeah, just give me a second to finish this b.s survey thing for seminar. Did you do yours yet?” Sterling and Emerson were in the same freshman seminar class and they were required to fill out a survey on what they expected to get out of their freshman year.

    “I did it yesterday before the party.” Finally, Sterling shut her laptop and got out of bed. She threw on a hoodie and the twins headed out to meet the SGD girls. A Sophomore SGD sister was an RA in the twins’ building and was waiting for them in the lobby. She had on a maroon sweatshirt with her letters in silver patches. The twins approached her and she looked up from her phone.

   “You guys must be Emerson and Sterling, I’m Lyndsey. You ready?” The twins nodded and the three began walking to the dining hall. Lyndsey asked them the basic questions: their majors, what sorority interests them more, where they’re from. When asked what sorority they were interested in, the twins exchanged glances and tried to remain as vague as possible.

   “Honestly, we’re just excited to meet everyone and go from there. We’re trying to keep an open mind.” No doubt Lyndsey already knew they were Kappa legacies, but she accepted the answer anyway. When they arrived to the dining hall, Lyndsey led them to a large circular table where about 10 other girls with SGD clothes were sitting. They set their stuff down and went to get food.

   “Lyndsey seems nice enough, and the other girls don't look satanic, so I think we’ll be okay.” Emerson tried to stifle her laughter as they sat back down at the table. The girls went around and exchanged names.

   “So, how do you like U of C so far?” Megan, a senior, asked them.

   “It’s great, the professors are okay so far and being a legacy it’s just easier for us, too.” Immediately, Emerson felt embarrassed. Sterling took advantage of every moment to make sure people knew who she was. Megan nodded her head in response and turned to Emerson to hear what she had to say.

   “I’m gonna be honest, it wasn't my first choice, but so far I’m not mad about it.” She put a fork full of salad in her mouth and hoped that answer would suffice.

   “Okay girls here's the plan for tonight, pregame at our house around 10:30, and then we are hopping so any requests?”

   “How many are we hopping?”

   Megan shrugged before replying, “I don't know, maybe 3?” The other girls nodded their heads in agreement.

    “I think we should start at ChiPhi, then hit up LXP, and end the night at SigKap?”

    “Anyone have any objections?” Megan waited and all the girls shrugged. “Perfect so, Emerson and Sterling, are you guys okay with this?” The twins nodded their heads. “Great! So you guys can meet up with Lyndsey and we’ll see you tonight!” With that all the girls stood up and headed out of the dining hall. They said their goodbyes and the twins walked back to their dorm alone since Lyndsey was going to go to the SGD house.

    “They seem pretty nice, and it seems like tonight is gonna be pretty fun.”

    “Obviously we know you're gonna have fun at the SigKap house.” Sterling nudged her sister and teased.

    “literally shut up. Honestly if nothing happens tonight, I won't be mad. it's too early to start a relationship anyway.” She shrugged but secretly hoped she would see Zac tonight and hopefully hook up with him again Of course she’d be upset if she didn't but at the same time all she wanted was to have fun anyway. The twins went back to their room and began preparing for that night’s festivities. Emerson texted Rebecca to let her know the plan and asked her for advice about Zac.



She thanked Rebecca and was less nervous. She stopped focusing so much on the possibilities of what could happen and decided to let things run their course. Her goal was to have fun and that’s exactly what she was going to do.

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