The Kennedy Effect

Emerson and Sterling Kennedy are known as "the power twins". They're part of an elite family and tend to get everything handed to them. The attention they get has been branded "The Kennedy Effect". Sterling loves it, but Emerson just wishes she could earn something because she worked for it, not because of her family.


2. Chapter 2

The Kappa house was a large mansion that was a little off campus. The exterior was stone and ΚΑΣ letters hung above the huge double doors. Emerson and Sterling walked up and rang the bell. Rebecca opened the door and let the girls in. “Welcome to Kappa Paradise,” music filled the house as more than 20 girls stood around drinking, laughing, and taking pictures. The living room looked straight out of an Ikea catalogue and there was blue and white tapestry hung on the back wall serving as a backdrop for girls posing for pictures. “Mingle! Grab a drink, take some pictures. We’re leaving for the Sigkap house around 11”

Rebecca led the twins to the kitchen where more girls were mingling. They all stopped what they were doing to look at them and started whispering. Emerson took a few shots of vodka and mixed herself a drink, avoiding eye contact. As soon as she and sterling grabbed their drinks, they wandered around the house. Pictures of previous members littered the walls. The girls stopped at a picture of a young woman. The plaque was engraved “Katerina Marie Perri class of 1991”

“You guys look just like her.” Rebecca came up behind them

“Yeah, that’s our mom.”

“And that’s our sister.” Sterling pointed to a picture that was under their mom’s. That plaque read “Chandler Perri Kennedy, class of 2014”

“They were both presidents. That could be all yours if you decide to join the Kappas and play your cards right….” Rebecca squeezed their shoulders and turned around. The twins followed and mingled. They introduced themselves to the other girls and took pictures. By the time it was time to leave for the SigKap party, Emerson was already a little tipsy.

The girls walked to the SigKap house singing and laughing loudly. They arrived at the house and were let in right away. The lights were turned down and the music was pulsing throughout the house. The girls were led to an even darker and more crowded basement. Emerson grabbed her sister’s hand as they were led to the middle of the dance floor. Just then, Rebecca came up to them with a guy following close behind.

“Em! I want you to meet Zac!” Rebecca yelled over the music and pushed Zac in front of her. Zac motioned upstairs and Emerson nodded. He led her upstairs into the kitchen where she grabbed herself another drink.

“So, are you having fun?” Zac led Emerson to the back porch so they could talk.

“Yeah I am. My brother didn’t want me to come, but oops!” Emerson giggled. Zac was cute. He had short brown hair and nice eyes.

“Wait, Aidan’s your brother?!” Emerson nodded and took another sip. “No shit, he’s my big!”

“Oh God that’s awkward.” The two talked for a little longer. He was also a business major and was a sophomore. Emerson wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or if she genuinely liked the idea of him, but she placed her hand on his neck and leaned in to kiss him. It took Zac a second to kiss back, but when he did, he pulled her in tightly and kissed her hard. His lips tasted like beer and the kiss felt like it lasted an eternity.

“Wanna go dance?” Emerson nodded and threw her empty cup to the ground as he led her back inside and into the basement. He pulled her in close and they grinded along to the beat. She looked around and spotted sterling pressed up against the wall making out with a stranger. She laughed and turned around to kiss Zac again. Around 1 AM, the basement started to empty out.

“I had fun tonight.” Zac whispered in Emerson’s ear as Sterling and Rebecca were ready to take her back home.

“Yeah, me too.” Emerson smiled. Just them Sterling pulled her away and Emerson waved to Zac. The three girls laughed as they headed upstairs and outside the house.

“Super glad you guys came out! You okay to walk back to your dorm?” The twins nodded and held on to each other so they wouldn’t fall. Rebecca hugged them goodbye and went back inside the house to find Aidan.

“Ugh, can’t believe she’s dating Aidan!” Sterling shuddered and Emerson just laughed. “But Zac’s a cutie!”

“Ugh, such a cutie! And such a good kisser. Who were you mackin on?” Sterling shrugged in response and both girls burst out in laughter. They finally arrived to their room and fumbled with the lock. Once the got in, Emerson sighed loudly and plopped down on her bed. Sterling tossed her sister a water bottle and opened her own.

“Here. Drink.” Emerson unscrewed the water bottle cap and gulped it down. The water was cold going down her throat, but it felt good. Her ears were ringing and her vision was blurred.

“Thank God my first class is at 11:30 tomorrow. I am dead.” Emerson waited a few minutes before getting changed for bed. Once she felt she could stand and not fall, she got up and changed into her sleeping shorts and a baggy t-shirt she stole from her dad, his fraternity letters written on the chest. Her eyes shut the second her head hit the pillow and the memory of her and zac kissing was the last thing she saw in her head before falling asleep with a smile across her face.


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