Pickyy poems

This is just some randoms poems from meh i just would like to share because i dunno. Well they're not that great. Mostly about heartbreaks and thoughts...
Please don't steal


1. Small things

~ Poetry meh ~


[ It hurts and scratches your heart, even if no one sees them, they still hurt. But once a time when they’re healed, it will be beautiful ~ It remain scars, and scars are beautiful <3 ]


[ We are afraid sometimes, but if you want to stay calm and collected you have to see through. See through your fear, and beat it ]


[ If you really want to change something, then fight for it. Never give up, because it’s never too late to change something in your life ]


[ Love is something special, not something that just happens from one day to another. Be careful and picky. Don’t just fall on your feet for someone, who you absolutely know doesn’t appreciate it <3 ]


[ You have to stay strong. Never back down. Don’t show anything, to someone that doesn’t respect you, don’t give them anything of you. Put the feels behind, don’t break down or show emotion. It’s hard sometimes, especially if you’re heartbroken, betrayed or stamped on. Stay strong <3]

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