Pickyy poems

This is just some randoms poems from meh i just would like to share because i dunno. Well they're not that great. Mostly about heartbreaks and thoughts...
Please don't steal


4. Over and Over



Something hurts deep inside


You pushed me so far


Somewhere in my feelings


Where i couldn’t find home


So now i’m laying here


You can see by yourself


That i’m laying here


Broken, saddened, crying, sulking


Over you


And over and over you do this


To me


Tell me why


I fall for you




Even though i know it’s no good for me


But why do you have to be like this?


Love is always described as a perfect thing


But in real life it’s ugly


I can’t even look at you


But then again, i can’t look away


You’re a son of a bitch


And this time i mean it


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