Pickyy poems

This is just some randoms poems from meh i just would like to share because i dunno. Well they're not that great. Mostly about heartbreaks and thoughts...
Please don't steal


3. Love can be fantastic



Love can be fantastic


Like heat comes to your cheeks


When he lays his hand around your waist


When he laughs


You can’t be anything but happy


When you look at him


And he catches you


You quickly hide


When he texts you


You feel special


Then when he says he loves you


You say “me too bro”


People say you’re similar to each other


And you say in unison “were not!”


But deep inside you want to say “yeah”


You always get him as your partner


Even to the school dance


But sadly it is his birthday


And he wants to be home that day


Your heart then breaks a little


Just a little


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