Life has no end


2. Chapter two

I wake up to a little boy cring. I got up and look so confused. I don't know how to take care of a child. I look at the kid. He was in tears curling up with the blanket. I pick him up and hug him. I don't know why but he calm down little. I grab my laptop watch videos and read about how to take care of a kid. I hear my son cry.

"What wrong?" I asked him.

"Why am I here?" He said.

" Well I'm your new father you will live with me for now on." I said with wide smile.

"You gonna hurt me too right." He said backing away from me.

I look at him with frown. I try to pick him up but he runs. I chase him in till he bum into slendy. That when I know he will be more scared. I see him scared and run to me. I pick him up. He would not stop cring.

"Slendy show him your nice you're scaring my son." I said with anger.

"Fine , hey little one I got you teddy bear." Slendy said while handing him blue teddy bear so sally knows it his.

"What happen to my other family?" He asked.

"Well I will treat you better than they ever did so let give you name." I said.

"How about Jaxon?" Lj said .

"That great name stop teleporting you  will scary Jaxon." I said.

I see my son smile. He mean so much to me. I see why dad's have kids. They mean so much too you no matter what.

I  went down to the kitchen lucky it was Masky day to cook food. I share half of my food with my son Jaxon. He loves bacon like me which make me proud. I look around o see people staring at us. Jaxon was just eating not noticing the other pastas. Jaxon accidently spilt the drink on him. I got up go find clothes. That when I notice I didn get any clothes for him. Lj saw me and come up with box.

"I went back before the cops com and got you hi stuff." Lj said with a smile.

"Thank you I'm glade we best friends." I said smiling.

I pik out a t-shirt and jeans for Jaxon. I went back down and taking him to my room. I went to my bathroom so he could take a bath. We play with the bubbles we were having fun. But it was time to dry off Jaxon. After I get Jaxon dress I decided to take him to the park. I pick him up and carried him to the park. when we got to a old park he went to go slide. All of a sudden a women sit beside me. 

"Is that your brother?" She asked me.

"No it's my son." I said.

I tell the truth. I was not a shame for having a son. She nod I guess she can tell hes adopted beause he look nothing like me. 

"Well hes cute." She said with smile.

"Why thank you he really is amazing." I said.

"My name adara over on the swings is my little sister." adara said.

I watch as Jaxon went to go play with adara sister. They both are swinging. Adara talk alot but I listen she was pretty coll since she talk to me. I got up go to get Jaxon she knew I was leaving. I wave my goodbyes to the two girls and went back home.

"Daddy may I have sneakers bar." Jaxon said.

"Not in till you eat your dinner." I said with smile.

"Awwwww when we get back home I wanna play with uncle Lj." Jaxon said with big smile.

I nod walking in the forest. We made it back but for some reason I see masky on the roof naked!? I hurry up cover my son eyes.


"Sorry Jeff masky drunk again." Hoodie said with a sad look.

"When will masky stop drinking and start running." I said as I was laughing.

Masky just drink with his cheesecakes at time but he needs to start running to loss that cheesecake. I walk in to the house. I see Lj and sally staring at each other.

"You know I will win sally so give up already." Lj said with smirk.

"NO NEvER GIVE UP I WILL WIN." Sally said then she get out a plastic bat.

I saw her it Lj in the head and yell I win. I laugh so hard I put Jaxon down. He run to sally and poke her. Sally poke back then I see him with a knife.

"Jaon where you get that knife?" I asked him as I take the knife so he does not get hurt.

"From your pocket I want to play with it." He said with now frown on his face.

"No this is not a toy for you my son sorry but it can hurt you." I said as I see him cry.

I pick him up and rub his back.

"OK THAT ENOUGH!" Slendy yelled.

"Why are you yelling you scared Jaxon more." I said with angry look.

"Lj and Jeff go killing I will take care of Jaxon ,and jeff stop babying that kid if you keep it up he will grow up stoming all over you." Slendy said.

"Your not his father I'm I know what best for my child." I said.

"Hunting now ,and I raise you all so shut up I know how children are." Slendy said with angry tone.

I nod as Lj and me left to go kill.

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