The Day I Fell For You.

Ashton's Younger Sister, You End Up Having Feelings For Calum Without Him Or You Noticing. Towards The Middle/End Of The Story You And Calum End Up "Hooking" Up. :) Enjoy I Won't Be Able To Start It Right Now Because I Have School :/ But I Will Start It When I Get Home :D Hope You Enjoy.


2. New York Here I Come



"Today is the day I leave for New York Luke" I say.


"I know I am gunna miss you Kins" Luke says


"Eight months without you, this is gunna be fun but...disappointing" I say


Luke wraps his arms around me tightly


"Have fun..And DON'T get caught up in a bunch of drama ya hear me?" Luke says trying to smile


I giggle


"My flight leaves in a half an hour" I say 


"Need a ride?" Luke asks me


"Yeah...But Luke where is Mum?" I ask


"She got called into work today" Luke says annoyed


"Oh" I say frowning


"I'll make sure to call Lucas Robert Hemmings" I smile widely


"Kinsley Marie Hemmings you better" Luke says smiling "Are we ready?" Luke asks


"Yeah I think so" I say


"Wanna double check?" Luke asks


"No, I think I am good maybe I will find better things in New York" I say


Okay then, lets head to the car if you're so sure you're packed" Luke says pretending to be annoyed


"KK" I say then shut the locked door behind me


"This ride is so...Well awkward...I've never felt this blank and broken in my life...I guess I could listen to some music" I say thinking to myself


The song that came on is "The Sound" by The 1975


"Wow! I guess I'll be saying good-bye a lot sooner then I thought Luke..." I say sniffling 


"Kins it is okay to cry" Luke says


"I know but I don't wanna waste any" I say trying to be happy


Luke looks so...Broken...And all I can do is say it's okay I'll be back...But I feel like that won't help at all...


"...Luke?..." I say


"Yeah Kins?" Luke says 


"Luke...I can shorten my trip if you'd like...." I say


"No no! Kinsley you've always wanted to leave Australia...And now Mum let you go" Luke says


"You're right Lukey..I just will miss you way too much.." I say


"Hey, Don't be sad...I'll still call, text, facetime etc. You name it I'll do it" Luke says


I show a fake smile


"Now let's get you on this fucking plane safely huh?" Luke says


"Yeah" I say quietly trying so hard not to cry


Luke walked me inside and hugged me until my flight was called


*Flight 14 to New York is now boarding* We hear over the intercoms 


"Bye Kinsley" Luke says shedding some tears


"Bye Lucas" I say feeling dead inside still trying not to burst out crying


C'mon Kinsley Marie Hemmings you can cry in front of Luke he won't care...He's already crying..But what if I cry and he dies even more inside?? I ask myself


"Call me when you land" Luke says 


I instantly snap out of my 'daydream' thing


"Will do luke" I say


"Alright Kinsley go! don't miss your flight!!" Luke yells at me


"Okay byee" I say


I run towards the plane


The plane doors close and I feel it start to move


I end up breaking down. Crying non-stop.







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