The Day I Fell For You.

Ashton's Younger Sister, You End Up Having Feelings For Calum Without Him Or You Noticing. Towards The Middle/End Of The Story You And Calum End Up "Hooking" Up. :) Enjoy I Won't Be Able To Start It Right Now Because I Have School :/ But I Will Start It When I Get Home :D Hope You Enjoy.


6. Meeting The Band Members




"The band has rehearsal today just letting you know" Luke said


"Well will I get to meet them??" I ask winking at him


Luke gives me a death stare


"Not in that way Kinsley Marie!" He says laughing


"Well Mum said she wouldn't care if I dated one of them. She said she leave that up to you. Since the one she suggested for me is feeling 'Down'" I say while motioning my fingers


"One is feeling depressed lately...He hasn't told us why though I am kinda scared for him to be honest" Luke states


"She didn't tell me his name though I was kinda scared haha...Can you tell me?" I say


"I guess so..You'll be meeting all three of them today anyways lol" Luke said


"Yay!" I say very happily


"His name's Calum Hood, he plays bass and he's been super depressed...Tbh...I think you'd cheer Calum up" He says smirking


The doorbell rings


"Oh I think that's them" Luke says


I can't stop smiling for some reason


"Damn Luke I didn't know you had company" Says a guy with bright hair


"Shut up Mikey!" Luke looked annoyed


I thought to myself damn this band seems like they're all hot ;)


"Luke are you gunna get us some food" A tall boy with dirty blonde curly hair said laughing


"Every band practice Ashton! You always ask for food..Why don't you eat before we leave?" A tall kid said sounding annoyed


He glances at me and gives a tiny smile


"Sooo Luke who is this pile of beauty??" The colorful haired one said


"I'm Michael he said pointing to himself, that's Ashton and this is Calum" Michael said


"Hey, I am Kinsley" I say


Calum can't stop staring at me..


"So Calum I say smirking what instrument do you play??" 


"I uh..I uh I play bass guitar" He said stuttering


"What about you Michael?" I ask


"Guitar along with Lucas here" He said


"Ashton? What about you??" I ask


"I am the drummer" He said


"Sweet, well I am gunna go clean myself up..Have fun writing"


I could feel someone's eyes leaning towards my ass


"Luke is that your girlfriend?!" Someone asked and I think it was Calum


"No" Luke said


"Who is she then?" Calum asks


"That my fellow band mates is my younger sister Kinsley" Luke said  





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