The Day I Fell For You.

Ashton's Younger Sister, You End Up Having Feelings For Calum Without Him Or You Noticing. Towards The Middle/End Of The Story You And Calum End Up "Hooking" Up. :) Enjoy I Won't Be Able To Start It Right Now Because I Have School :/ But I Will Start It When I Get Home :D Hope You Enjoy.


3. Heartbroken



"It's been almost a whole 3 hours without Kinsley Mum..." I say


"I know hunny..." Mum says quietly while making dinner


"Mum I am scared.." I say


"Why baby??" Mum says


"Because she hasn't called or texted" I say


"She's probably tired hun..Don't worry I am sure she's fine where ever she is" Mum said


"Should I call her or something??" I say worried


"I mean if she gets mad at you for bothering her tired self that's on you :)" Mum said


I rolled my eyes


Mum giggled


I decided to text her anyways so she'll have a text when she wakes up



Hey Kins, I got scared because you didn't do call or text while you promised too..It's not a big deal ig :/ As a big brother I am supposed to look out for you am I right? lol but yeah I just want you to know I love you..




My phones dings I looked at it and the screen read "Kinsley"


Kinsley: Hey sorry Lukey I was super tired :( I cried the whole plane ride, I also didn't feel good my head hurt bad :/ so I ended up forgeten to tell you I landed...Sorry...


Me: Awe sorry to hear, btw are you staying with anyone?? if so who??? :P


Kinsley: Oh no one I'm staying at a hotel called "Ace Hotel".


Me: Oh cool :). Will you be with someone soon??


Kinsley: Yes Lukey :P Very soon I have a friend who is one of Alexia's friends :)..Hey I gtg room service is here Love youuuu <3


Me: Bye love you too :)


"Mum?" I say


"Yes sweetheart?" Mum asks


"Kinsley finally answered" I say


"Oh really? What'd you guys talk about?" Mum asked


"Nothing really" I shrugged


"Yeah okay" Mum giggled


"I miss her already...She said she hurting" I say


"What? She's hurting? Like about leaving?" Mum asked


"Yes and no" I say


"Tell me what she told you" Mum said


"Well she just said...Her head hurts...And she's sorry for not responding right away." I say


"Huh.." Mum said


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