The Day I Fell For You.

Ashton's Younger Sister, You End Up Having Feelings For Calum Without Him Or You Noticing. Towards The Middle/End Of The Story You And Calum End Up "Hooking" Up. :) Enjoy I Won't Be Able To Start It Right Now Because I Have School :/ But I Will Start It When I Get Home :D Hope You Enjoy.


4. (Fast Forwarded) Suprise



"Should I text Luke? No. I'm surprising him!" I say


"I'll call Mum though" I say


Ringing Mum


Mum: Hey Sweetie you ready?? 


Me: Ready as I'll ever be  


While smiling forgetting she can't see me


Mum: Okay I can't wait to see his reaction 


I figured Luke was around because she was whispering 


Me: Okay Mum, I'll see you in Australia soon!! I love you!


Mum: Love you too hun.


I hung up




"Ready Kins?" Alexia asked


"Yes I am!" I say


"I'll miss you bitch" She says giggling


"I'll miss you more slut" I reply


We both start laughing like crazy


"C'mon we gotta go." I say


"Got it!" She replies


"Are you excited to see Luke again??" She asks


"Yes!! I've missed him too much!" I say


"Who's pickin' you up??" She asks


"My Mum" I say


"Oh cool." She said


"I guess so haha" I say


"So is Luke still hot??" She asks


"What. The. Fuck?!" I say


"You heard me" she said


I burst out laughing


"Hahahaha good joke Alexia!! I'm crying!!! hahaha" I say


"Shush. We're here see ya sucker" She said






"MUUUUUUM!!" I yell running into her arms


"Hey Hunny!!" She said


Of course natural instinct says CRY CRY CRY!! So I do


"Luke is gunna lose his mind when he sees you! I said I'm going to a friends for a while!" She told me


"Ready to go Mum??" I ask


"If you're ready then yes" She said smiling


"Then what are we waiting for??!!" I say


We both start laughing


On the ride home I turn on the radio but Mum turns it down


"We need to discuss some things.." She said


"Yeah sure what's up?" I say nervously


"Luke has made some friends at school okay? They're boys around Luke's age. They're all in the same band..And since they're all of Luke's best mates he'll have to approve.." She told me


"Approve what??" I ask


"Dating silly" She laughs


"Oh...Okay? And you don't care?" I ask


"Not at all. There is actually a really cute one I think you might like" She said winking at me


"What's his name??" I ask


"You'll find out soon enough" She replied


"I'M FINALLY HOME!!" I yell in the car


"Let's do this Kinsley!!" She said


"Okay Liz" I reply 


She laughs


"Luke come outside please"


"Sure Mum one sec" I heard Luke say


"Hurry please!!" She said


Luke runs down the stairs I could see him stepping out the door


"Yes Mum?" 


"Can you help me unload the groceries?" Mum said


"Yeah sure" Luke said smiling


I scream at Luke just know it's dark out


"WHAT THE HELL!?!?!" He yells


"Hey big bro" I say



"Who else would it be??" I say


We hug for almost 20 minutes 













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