26 lovely women, 26 lovely love stories

Ariana, Bella, Cassidy and other women grew up together, fell in love and married. Lots of things happened in their lives, for example, Ariana was born by a biracial mother, and a Chineese father. She found out some dirty secrets about her life.


6. Felicity

Saturday night, Felicity got ready to go out on a date with her boyfriend of nine weeks Frank. Felicity was a beautiful girl. She was born and was raised in Spain and recently moved to Cali. Her skin a light almond brown color. her hair short and jet black. Her dark brown eyes. She stared at her complexition. She dabbed on some lipstick and put on a nice mini skirt that fit her well. She lived with her gran, who is getting ill. She is loosing her memory and Felicity has to take care of her when she comes home. Her youngest sister Kate, who is 11 helps out on week days. After Felicity was ready, she went to say good bye to her Gran and sister. "You can't go." Kate said, grabbing Felicity's arm. "What do you mean? I have too." She said, snatching her arm out of her sister's grasp. Kate looked scared. "Gran... she's dead."

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