26 lovely women, 26 lovely love stories

Ariana, Bella, Cassidy and other women grew up together, fell in love and married. Lots of things happened in their lives, for example, Ariana was born by a biracial mother, and a Chineese father. She found out some dirty secrets about her life.


4. Delia

Delia woke up on a lovely Thursday morning. She's seventeen years old. She has black hair, green eyes and is tall and very thin. Ariana Andrews, one of the roomates she lived with at their boarding school was already up. She was dressed in a white gown, laced with white ribbbons and a white bow. "Good morning Ariana." Delia said. "Oh hey Delia, you might want to skip the showers today." Ariana said. 'Why?" Delia asked. "Something happened, the whole thin is flooded with toilet water." She said, a sour look on her face. Delia sniffed her self. She smelled way too ripe not to shower. "How did you get ready?" Delia sked. I asked the eleventh graders if I could use theirs, they said yes. You can try." Ariana said, puting her hair in to a tight bun. "Okay." Delia said, grabing her stuff.

Delia had moved to Orlando from South Carolina. She has four older sisters and two younger brothers. Each child had gone and goes to this boarding school. Delia is a fashionista. She loves fashion, clothes, makeup, flirt texting, hair dos. She is applying for a schoolarship to a college that is close to the boarding school's campus. She heard rumors that the boarding school might add college to their school too. Delia hoped so. She loves this school. She met a great boy named Dax. He's smart, sporty, loves wrestling and is a model.

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