26 lovely women, 26 lovely love stories

Ariana, Bella, Cassidy and other women grew up together, fell in love and married. Lots of things happened in their lives, for example, Ariana was born by a biracial mother, and a Chineese father. She found out some dirty secrets about her life.


2. Bella

Bella Bakersfield woke up on a lovely Tuesday morning. She rolled off the bed, and tiptoed through the room she shares with ninteen other girls at the boarding school she attends. She grabbed her clothes, a towel and her lotions, creams, cleansers, and makeup. "Are you about to hit the showers?" Ariana Andrews asked. "Um, yeah. You coming?" Bella asked, stopping at the door. Ariana nodded, and got what she needed. They reached the shower area together, Ariana was telling Bella about her home visit last night when a girl slipped out of the shower and crashed in to another girl and collapsed. One girl hit her head on the floor hard. Blood started oozing out on the floor. Bella's stomach tightened and she heaved. Vomit and blood wasn't a good smell for Ariana. She dropped her stuff and fainted. Catherine, a brave young fifteen year old, went for help. The bathroom was a mess. The two injured girls were being looked at, he others had cold cloths and medicine.

Bella Bakersfield is seventeen, a senior and was born and raised in Hawaii. She moved to Orlando when her father was caught cheating on her mother at the age of eight. At the age of fifteen, she began dating a hot young boy named Braxton. They are a cute couple. Sporty, charming, witty, enthusastic, and they both have a great sense of humor. Ella has long blond hair, blue eyes, and isa cheerleader, she also plays football, soccer, hockey, figure skating, baseball, curling, swimming, ballet, gymnastics polo, horse races and more. She has four older sisters, all born in Hawaii. Avery is twentythree, lives in Hawaii, and has two twin girls. Brenda, twentyone, lives in Los Angeles California, and is in college. Candy and Judy are twins, and they are eighteen, live in Hawaii with Avery and attend college. After her mother got married someone else, she had five younger siblings. Her father also remarried four times. He had six children in his second wife's marriage, this was after Bella's mother's divorce with her father. Then he had four children in his third wife's marriage. His fourth wife gave him four children. His fifth wife gave him five children. He and Abby just divorced, and another girl is in his life. Bella hates him.

"Dang girl. You look sexy." Brazton admired as Bella came out in strappy heels, jewelry and lovely pearls on her clothes and hair. School was out for the day and Bella and Braxton were planning a special date. "Aww, baby, I appreciate that. You look hotmazing your self." Bella said, kissing his nose.

After the date, Bella lay in bed, stretching and staring at Ariana's sleeping form. Ariana was very nasueated all day. A nurse said she might be coming down with a flu. Bella had helped Ariana get to bed and fed her hot soup and massaged her aching body. "Hot bath" Ariana asked. Bella wanted to groan. She was tired, but she knew that Ariana would do it for Bella if she was in the same position. "Yeah, I'll help you." Bella said and got up.

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