Fallen Stars

Deka Rivere lived a very normal life. That is until he is hit by a falling star. What will he do now that he is sharing his home with a star?

Thank you Kare-Kun for helping me write this offline!


3. Interlude: Sirius and Polaris

Sirius stalked toward Mizar, “You worthless piece of-”

He didn’t get a chance to finish, because Polaris slapped a hand over his mouth, “Now, Siri, behave. Lord Helios and Lady Luna will take care of him.”

Sirius whirled around to face his older brother. Polaris looked so much like Asalie that it brought the fact that Asalie was gone to the forefront of his mind. Except for the fact that Polaris’ hair was silver with black tips, the opposite of their little brother, and older they could be twins. Sirius often wondered how he had ended up with brothers like them since the only resemblance was their share of silver eyes.

While his brothers were only a few body parts short of looking like girls, Sirius was tall and had the build of what humans called, “basketball players”. His own hair was, unlike his brothers’, pure silver and cut short.

“Ris,” he nearly whined, “Please let me-”

“No. We have our own work to do,” Polaris cut his brother off again, “We need to visit Taurus. If anyone has information on how to get Asalie back it will be those girls. Not to mention that you will get to see Electra.”

Polaris knew it was a low blow to bring up Sirius’ girlfriend, but he needed his brother to focus on Asalie and not beating Mizar into a pile of stardust, no matter how much he deserved it. Sirius grumbled at him, but nodded his agreement.

They made their way to Taurus’ Library and met Maia on their way in.

“Hello, Polaris, Sirius,” the blonde star said politely.

Sirius nodded at her, “Is Electra here?”

Maia started walking and made a follow me gesture. They followed the gentle star to a room near the back of the library. Maia left them with a soft goodbye and hurried to her companion Asterope. Sirius had just stepped into the small office when he was barreled into by a hysterical redhead.

“Please tell me it isn’t true,” she clutched his tunic as Sirius wrapped his arms around her, “It isn’t true, right? What they’re saying about little Asalie, it can’t be true.”

Sirius attempted to calm the sobbing, usually feisty, star in his arms as he looked to Polaris for help. The eldest brother just shrugged; he wasn’t going to get in the middle of that.

“Mizar threw Asalie from the sky,” Sirius decided to just get it over with.

Electra pulled away from her boyfriend’s embrace, “When I’m done with him he is going to wish I had turned him into stardust!” Both brothers quickly moved to restrain the homicidal star before she could do anything.

“Electra,” Polaris gained her attention, “There may be a way to bring him back, but we need permission to use the library.”

The redhead nodded her understanding, “I’ll have to ask Aldebara, but she loves Asalie just as much as we do, so I doubt there will be a problem.”

It was common knowledge that Asalie would visit the strict Aldebara and help around the library. Electra hurried out of her office to find Aldebara. It was only a few minutes later when she came back with a signed paper.

“Here,” she handed Polaris the permission slip, “This will give you access to the entire library, however, you have to find Maia or myself if you want to enter the Solarium.”

Polaris nodded and left for the nearest section of helpful books. Sirius placed a kiss on top of his girlfriend’s head and joined his brother in book hunting.

This was how they spent the next three months with help from Electra and occasionally Maia and Aldebara.







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