Fallen Stars

Deka Rivere lived a very normal life. That is until he is hit by a falling star. What will he do now that he is sharing his home with a star?

Thank you Kare-Kun for helping me write this offline!


2. Chapter Two - Asalie

Hungry. I was about to collapse from exhaustion, but my stomach wouldn’t let me. It would not stop grumbling. This never happened when I was in the sky! Deka had given me something, but I didn’t know the name of it. I tried to remember where he went to get it.

Following the path that Deka had taken I ended up in a room with various doors. I was curious, so I started going through them. I found something called noodles behind the first one and a bunch of cans in the next two. The next door I opened was big and white. I didn’t go through that one long; it was really cold in there. I was almost to the next door when something caught the sunlight. I opened the top and peeked inside. There were these round things with dark spots on them. They seemed strangely familiar and the smell that wafted out made my mouth water.

Then it came to me. Polaris had told me once about round things like this that humans called cookies. According to my brother, the humans enjoyed eating them. I took one out and bit into it experimentally. Oh my Lord Helios! They were amazing! Before long I had eaten the entire jar. With my stomach only half satisfied I continued my search for food.

I went back to the door I had stopped with and opened it. This one only had two things in it. I pulled them out and read the labels. Pop-Tarts and a...granola bar. I didn’t know what either of those were, so I didn’t bother with them. Moving on, I found one of the things that Deka had fed me. It was called bread, apparently. I ate the rest of it. It didn’t taste as good as the cookies, but it filled me up. Now, however, I was thirsty.

I looked around and saw what Sirius had called a sink. I knew it gave water, but didn’t know how. It took about ten minutes of me fiddling with it, but I got it turned on and found a glass to fill. I drained it and managed to turn off the water flow.

Just as I was walking back to the room Deka gave me, I realised that my exhaustion was gone. I shrugged and decided to explore the house. It was bigger than I thought it was and I soon tired myself out. I didn’t want to have to trudge all the way up the stairs, so I pulled the throw off of the back of Deka’s recliner and curled up on the couch. I fell into oblivion soon after.

My dreams weren’t cooperative. It seemed that they decided that they would center around Ris and Siri. I had only been on Earth for a few hours and already I missed my brothers. Ris would always tell me stories about Earth just after dawn, when I was supposed to go to sleep and Siri would be the one I saw first when I woke as he rose with Lady Luna. As it were, I would only be able to see them from a distance until they could find a way for me to return to the sky.

Then my dreams shifted. I saw Deka with his dark, chocolate brown hair that swayed just above his shoulders and emerald green eyes that shifted to gold closer to the iris. Deka saved me, though unintentional, from serious injuries when I fell. I didn’t expect him to let me stay in his house when I had landed on top of him. Afterall, he did seem to think I was crazy. I didn’t blame him. Sirius had told me that humans didn’t know the truth about stars.

When I woke up again I saw to Deka coming back. Dreams forgotten for the moment, I bounced over to him to see what was in the bags. Many of the things inside I didn’t recognize. I did, however, recognize the cookies and the bread. I felt proud of myself for remembering what they were called. I followed Deka as he walked into the kitchen.

“My god! What happened in here?” I glanced at what held Deka’s attention. I had forgotten to pick up the mess I had made while hunting for food.

Deka rounded on me, “ I was gone for a hour and a half and my kitchen looks like a tornado went through it!”

I flinched. Anger was an emotion that had never been directed at me. My brothers left if they were angry and Mizar could hardly count since it was directed mostly to Siri and Ris. I had no idea how to deal with it. Panicking, I bolted out of the room and up the stairs to my bedroom. A few minutes later there was a knock at my door.

“Asalie, let me in,” Deka called when I didn’t answer.

I timidly pulled open the door and gazed up at him.

I frowned when he paled, “What?”

“You’re crying,” I touched my face and was surprised to find it wet.

Deka moved forward and wrapped me in an embrace, “I’m sorry for getting angry. I’ve just had a really bad day.”

I nodded in acceptance and burrowed further into the warmth around me. Deka’s scent was oddly comforting; I felt safe. It had been awhile since I had felt safe, because of Mizar’s near constant threats and then because I ended up tossed out of the sky.

After a few minutes Deka released me and wiped the tears from my cheeks, “Come on, I have dinner to make and you get to help me clean the kitchen.”

I smiled brightly. I didn’t mind helping clean up the mess I made. Together we made our way to the kitchen.

I found I liked helping Deka cook. We listened to music from what he called a MP3 player as we cleaned. I helped make spaghetti and it was delicious, but cookies were still better. Now we were sitting on the couch and watching a movie. Ris had told me about movies and  I had always wanted to see one. When it was halfway through I was ready to find a good,

comfortable spot to sleep. Since I couldn’t stretch out on the couch like earlier I curled up with my head on Deka’s thighs. He tensed and shifted a little before relaxing again. It wasn’t long before I was oblivious to the world.

When I woke up next it was dark outside and Deka had fallen asleep while acting as my pillow. I lifted myself off of Deka, trying not to wake him, laid a blanket over him and walked back to my room. I changed into my new pajamas. The baggy long sleeve shirt stopped mid-thigh, almost covering the shorts I had on. They were quite comfortable and I had grabbed them even when Deka had been against it. Satisfied I curled up under the thick comforter, but couldn’t get to sleep. My thoughts kept traveling back to my brothers. I missed them. During the day I was with Deka so it didn’t seem so bad, however once I was alone I felt lonely. It was another half hour before I fell asleep.






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