Fallen Stars

Deka Rivere lived a very normal life. That is until he is hit by a falling star. What will he do now that he is sharing his home with a star?

Thank you Kare-Kun for helping me write this offline!


4. Chapter Three - Deka

Asalie had been living with me for a week already and I was ready to keel over. My bathroom is now the most visited room in the house. Even now, as I watched the star flit around the living room to the music coming from the radio, I was trying to inconspicuously hide the issue in my pants. I silently cursed the star in my family’s native language. An old habit that only Asalie had ever managed to drag up from when I was a kid and had just moved from France. I was still amazed that he had pulled that off.

“Deka,” I focused my attention back on the star.

Bad idea.

Asalie was standing right in front of me with his face bent down next to mine. I jerked back in an attempt to put some space between us.

The star continued, “Are we making lunch soon?”

I sighed. If I had learned anything the past week it was definitely that Asalie had a huge appetite. I didn’t know where he put it since he was still as small as he was when he arrived. Asalie returned to his dancing as I pulled out last night’s leftovers, chicken and cheese casserole. Sticking some into the microwave, I returned to the living room and sat back onto the couch to wait for the beeping to let me know that the food is done.  

The microwave beeped and startled Asalie. There were many reasons that I knew this, but the most noticeable was the fact that he had tripped and tried to catch himself. I reached out to keep him from falling, but in the end we were both on the floor. Asalie tried to get off of me, however, it seemed as if fate was against that idea as he slipped again. I quite enjoyed it this time though. When Asalie had come back down, his mouth had meshed with mine.

I was on cloud nine. Asalie’s lips were soft against mine and I closed my eyes to savor the moment while it lasted. I opened them again when the star didn’t pull back right away; he was glowing. The star’s own eyes opened and he jumped back when he saw me looking at him.

Asalie squeaked and bolted up to his room, leaving me very confused. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out the food. I moved to Asalie’s room and knocked. A familiar sense of Deja Vu as I waited for him to answer the door. It seemed like hours passed before I heard the lock click and was looking at a red faced Asalie.

The star took the plate I held out with a mumbled thanks and disappeared into the room again. I sighed and made my way back to the living room. I popped a movie into the player and prepared myself for a very awkward night.

The movie was nearly over when I caught sight of Asalie coming down the stairs. The normally jovial star was subdued as he entered the room. I didn’t want things to be as awkward as they were, but it was obvious that the star was vulnerable. I couldn’t read what emotion was on his face, but Asalie was almost glowing a bright red when he peeked over at me. I had noticed that he glowed and stars were quite literally in his eyes when he had fallen and kissed me, so, I knew that maybe it was awkward because...he had liked it? You spend a few weeks with nothing but another guy who seems to be either hungry, curious, tired, or filled with sugar all the time at once, then something like this happens and my jeans can no longer handle my package after all this suffering. But even so, the star seemed lonely, so, maybe this is why he didn’t pull away from the kiss; he needed love.

“Um...Deka?” I turned my head more and gave a small smile to Asalie at least to break how uncomfortable I felt after thinking about how soft his lips were and how he warmed up and blushed and...God, this guy just loved to tease me.

“Yeah,” I sighed. Asalie slowly walked over to the side of the couch and tilted his head.

“Can I sit here?” I gave the star a nod, and he sat a bit far away at first, but as nothing else was really said, Asalie slumped over and laid his head on my shoulder. “I miss my brothers,” Asalie whined. I nodded and exhaled once again.

“I’m sure you do.” The erection I got in the morning after waking up to Asalie snuggled on top of me with a restless face was totally worth it.






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