Lost Live Is My Name

My life is complicated I simply have to much to keep up. My dad is he devil and I was forced to work for this guy named Leant. I steal money for him, I hacked information for him, I'm simply his dog. I moved to my mom's house when everything started to change. Leant told me that I was going to participate on the x-games. I wasn't happy about it but i had no choice. And that when a vampire blackmails me and teases me. A creepy weirdo who likes observing.


2. Flash

 (Hope u like it)(Hint) her uncle is not related to her is just how she calls him and his uncle erase her mind so she doesn't know vampires exist)(When her eyes turn black she deletes what she sees at the moment)


 I arrived two hours ago and I had been waiting ever since then. I didn’t actually mind but the worst that the twins were keeping me company. And even worst was that my phone was dead and there was no way to listen to music or charge it. I am waiting on the porch of my mom’s house. My mom is a lady in her forties, works at a café. She is the owner, she open it a couple of years back. I don’t blame her for leaving me, because I love her that much that I forgive her. She had no choice, she was force to leave me behind.

“Hey, Car, which one is cuter?” I ignore them and climb on my motorcycle.

“You look the same to me, I would be taking a ‘walk’ I in the forest,” I say. “Okay?”

  They nod. “Just don’t head pass the creek it’s dangerous.”

  What’s pass the creek? Dangerous is common to me. I have been to motorcycle games, in almost anything that was danger. Nothing is dangerous to me. “I’m the only danger around here, but okay.”

  My real name is Lost Lived. Backwards it was: Lost Devil. I was the girl who would bring the darkness and terror to humans. But it didn’t matter to me what I was. I was barely sixteen and that would happen when I reached eighteen. Two more years left. And it happen, always. My eyes, ever since I was little my eyeballs would turn black or just the iris. It’s creepy but that’s how I was, yet I was still human. I could break a bone or nose. But somehow I managed to fit in both.          

 I rode down the road. And I was alone. I let the wind blow my hair. And quickly stand on my motorcycle. I sat back again. I turn left and went into the forest. It had been those days when I was bored of existing, when I saw him in a lighting speed. I saw he's fiery red eyes, and he's expression change in matter f seconds, to a worry look. I knew he wasn't human, because no one could run that fast, you couldn't even see him, it was a flash. I stop my motorcycle. I was through the supernatural. "Vampires," I sigh and rolled my eyes. It was boring when you know  them. My uncle is a vampire, leader to be exact. Some people admires him and some hate him. But this guy was different. Somehow I knew he was a vampire. The only world I knew was hell and heaven.When something click in my mind, my uncle who I seem to call him like that ever since I was little. He erase my mind but that flashback didn't last long. (The one that I just saw.)He was a cute vampire. My eyes turn black and now I couldn't quite where I was. I as remember 




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