Lost Live Is My Name

My life is complicated I simply have to much to keep up. My dad is he devil and I was forced to work for this guy named Leant. I steal money for him, I hacked information for him, I'm simply his dog. I moved to my mom's house when everything started to change. Leant told me that I was going to participate on the x-games. I wasn't happy about it but i had no choice. And that when a vampire blackmails me and teases me. A creepy weirdo who likes observing.


1. Beginning

(It would be boring but I promise it for next time

won't be)


  I ride my motorcycle down the park and held tightly to the gym bag. I jump over a bench and turn to the right. You may be asking what I’m doing. One word. Stealing. I just robbed a bank with the rest of my friends and don’t worry people I’m and expert and at not being caught. “Move out of the way people!!!” I yelled as I make a turn. I adjust my white mask and head out into the road. I start to hear some sirens somewhere close. I accelerate speed and skip a red light.

 My phone begins to ring. “Where are you?” A male voice says. Mike.

“The shortcut was canceled, and I’m almost there chill.”

I end the call.


 “Here I am, didn’t know what was all the fuss?” I say. I take my mask off.

 “Good, everyone here so let’s split the money,” Mike says. He is the leader, and which means he is always bossing around. Not to do this or do this. He is nineteen and Liam’s brother. Everyone gathers around. We emptied the bags.

  “Hey, Carmen where are you going for the break?” Liam ask. He is seventeen.

   “Going to stay with my mom for a while,” I say. We are all taking a break from robbing and vandalizing. Everyone is going somewhere for a break. We all work for different people. I work for a guy named Leant. We were all involved in that kind of dirty business. And we were stuck there forever. Unlucky me, I was forced to work because my father had decided it. I didn’t argue about it because when you find out that your dad is the ‘devil’ you just don’t play, right. Well I work for that Leant, I live with him instead of my mom. Not that I don’t want to just that I’m forced. Don’t worry people I’m untouched. I would break the heck out of that guy if he ever touches me.

  “So Carmen, you think you want to hang out with me?” Ren ask. Or maybe is Ran. Ren and Ran are twins is complicated to tell which is which. They are always flirting with me.

  “Carmen where does your mom lived?” Ran ask. The twins are the only ones that don’t work under control. Is kind of strange that we know each other more than a year and I don’t know about each other. Like everyone keeps their life’s a secret.  I keep my name a secret and my father a secret, mostly I lied about my life. But not everything.

“Grand Marais, Minnesota, why?” where my mother live wasn’t that really relevant.

 “Hey, us too?” Have you ever seen those cute anime twins with that are really hyperactive and that they just can’t quite leave you alone in peace?

  They put their arms around me and kiss my cheek. I rolled my eyes and walk to Mike already filling bags. “So you each take two bags. One for you and one for your boss,” Mike says. As far as I know there’s approximately 100,000 thousand in each bag. Mike, the twins and Liam were literately filling a truck of money.

  Just one day before we put a sticker over the truck to cover the real paint. And just after we left the bank we changed the plates and took the sticker out. And it ended up saying “Coca-Cola.” We are train to this kind of thing.

  I sigh as I grab my bags and imagined the rest of break next to the twins. It just bored me. Flirting wasn’t on my to-do list at all. I mean those twins were louder than I was. Eventually I was the only girl in the team. And it was the only reason those two flirted.

  I head out to the world, “bye guys see you next time!”


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