Summer Drama

This story is about a girl name Ayleen. She was going through lost of stuff, like bullying but she has someone by her side name Liz. But will Liz and herself stop this drama on time to save their summer. Read to find out!!!!


1. Last Day of School

I’m just a normal girl named Ayleen, but most girls call me a tomboy, but I don’t mind, since I hate girls’ drama. Yes, girls’ dramas are the worst. I’m still in school, thinking about summer with Liz. Liz is an awesome friend I ever had. She’s loyal, honest, and really smart. We look at each other, then look at the clock in our classroom.

“Hurry up,” Liz whispered. We looked away from the clock to each other.

“I know right, I can’t wait to go home, eat Takis and play soccer,” I replied.

“Cool, may I come, since my parents told me I have to go to my grandma house this summer,” Liz begged.

“Yes, but ask your grandmother or she’ll freak out like she did before when we went to the park with my dog,” I said before I laughed. Liz nodded. We went back at looking at the clock, counting how much seconds left. 5...4...3...2...1. The bell ring. Everyone in the class screamed and run towards the front entrance. Everyone went home but my squad and Liz’s older sister, Daisy.

“Hey Daisy” Liz said. Daisy looked up at Liz. “Could you tell grandma that I would be home late?”

“Yeah, but be careful, and bring me takis back home,” says Daisy before leaving. Liz smiled and waved bye. Liz ran up to us and we all smiled and walk towards a mexican store. Liz doesn’t want to go in since she doesn’t feel comfortable going in a mexican store. My friends and I went to the takis section and grab 3 bags each of us. We don’t really eat a lot but we bought lots of takis, since we don’t want to go to the mexican store every single day. We went to the cashier and greet him in Spanish. After a short talk, we paid the cashier. The cashier give us our change and we left the store. The gang gave me their bags of Takis and we looked at Liz, who is leaning against the wall, listening to music in her mp3 player. I walked up to her. She looked at me with a smile. I smiled back and Liz moves her headphone around her neck since she doesn’t want to put her headphones in her bag. We both walk towards the gang and we talk about how was our day.

“Hey Liz,” asked Jorge.

“Yeah,” Liz replied. “What is it?”

“I didn’t you let Daisy come with her.” Liz laughed and point at me.

“Daisy is not comfortable in front of guys, she actually the shy type in Liz’s family,” I answer Jorge. “She also wants to go home early so that she can hang out with her friends, Rosa and Jessica, at the hill close to Liz’s grandma’s place.”

“Oh I see,” Jorge said while we stop at the soccer field. We dropped our stuff at the side of the bench and Edward took out his soccer ball. Liz and I choose our team and we were face to face.

“Ready?” Liz said confidently.

“Yeah,” I said with a smirk. Jorge throw the soccer up and Liz jumped. Liz hit the ball with her head and we played.

After a 3 hours, I believe, We got tired and went to the bench where we put our things at. We all made a circle and talk about what should we all do together tomorrow. Liz sit quietly like usually, listening to her music. I took out a takis bag and open it. Liz stopped her music and stare at me for food, begging at me. Everyone laughed but Liz, she was too busy looking at the bag. I look in my backpack and look for a bowl, which usually I bring with me for everyone. I didn't find the bowl but Liz stand up and took paper bowls out of her backpack.

“Nice dude,” Everyone said. We looked at each other and laugh. Liz gave me the bowls and I pour takis equally or else we’ll have a fight like we did but it wasn’t long time till we stop the fight. This is why I like hanging out with guys more than girls and I bet liz the same way too.

We finished eating and noticed it’s 6 now. We all pack our things walk back home together. Liz looked at me with a smile and said, “Daisy said to bring her Takis, she should just give her a bag, so that in two day we don’t have to give her Takis.” I nodded and give her a bag of Takis. I look at the gang said if we should get ice cream. Everyone agreed. We walk to Sheridan’s Frozen Custard and order a small size ice cream cup, itself for Liz and I. The guys didn’t mind and pay for Liz and my ice cream without saying anything. Liz and I giggle and we all went the long way to home, since we can stay with together till 8. After we finish our ice cream, The guys have to go home while Liz and I walk home. After we walk to Liz’s grandma's house and see her sitting with Daisy, I walk towards her grandma and said hi in Liz’s language, which taught me how.  Liz gave Daisy her bag of Takis and Liz’s grandma was curious about the chip, and took one Takis from Daisy’s bag and ate it. She told Liz that she loves it and Liz translate what her grandma says. Liz’s grandma gave me money for taking care of Liz but I told her no, since i don’t really care about money, I only cared about Liz and our friendship together. Liz tried talking to her out about giving me money. She finally agreed but still gives me the money and said something I could understand.

“My grandma said that she loves the chip that you brought me and was wondering if you can buy some for her and family since I think she’s obsessed with Takis like we are,” Liz translated.

“Oh I see,” I said with a smile and nodded at Liz’s grandma. “I will definitely buy some for you.” I count the money and see how much I can buy from her money. “I could buy 7 of Takis for

her but the one that our gang bought, I’ll give it to her first, since she really loves them.” Liz nodded her head and translated what I said, while I took out 7 bags of takis and gave it to her. Liz’s grandma made a big smile and bowed at me to say that she’s very thankful. I look at the time in Liz’s mp3 player. It was almost 8, I bowed at her and say bye at her since she knows what bye is. Liz’s family and Liz says bye back and I ran back home. When I came home, I see my mom waiting for me with a big smile.

“You did it, Ayleen,” my mom said with excitement. “You pass 4th grade.”

“Yeah, I did,” I said with a big smile. “Thank to Liz helping me with homework, I remembered most of the things I learned in school. She makes learning, so much fun, even she’s cold-hearted.” My mom laughed.

“Let’s celebrate next Monday?” My dad yelled really loud. I looked at my dad, surprised at what my dad just said.

“Really papi,” I asked just to make sure because I thought I was dreaming.

“Sure, and you can bring that girl, Liz with you, She’s acts like a good person since you two first met in 2nd grade,” my dad whispered in my ear, so my mom doesn’t know what my dad is planning for her. “I’ll take you the Independence Plaza, so that you and Liz can go to the movies.” I made a big grin, but my grin shrink when I remembered my whole gang will want to go. “What’s with a sad face?” My father asked.

“I want my whole gang to come,” I whined.

“I’ll call for friends’ parent and see if they can go with their money, but only the movies, I’ll give you enough for the food,” My dad and I look at each other and high five each other.

“Alright but today may I skip dinner today, I ate at 6 or 7 I think after playing soccer with my buddies.”

“Sure, I’ll tell your mom.”

“Thanks papi.” We both smiled and hugged each other and I ran up to my room and call Liz. “Hey Liz.”

“What’s up Ayleen,” Liz replied.

“Parent. Go to movies. Next Monday,” I said it shorter for Liz since she understand what I’m trying to say without proper grammar.

“For Real, dude?” She questioned.

“Yeah dude?” I said with excitement.

“What about the squad?” Liz asked.


“I asked my dad and he said that they can come but,” I stopped. “You guys will have to  bring $15 to the movie, but that’s it.” I said fast.

“Oh, well that’s fine for the guys but not me, but I’ll still ask my grandma. Wait let me ask now,” Liz said before she left her phone. I waited for her for a minute, then she came back. “My grandmother said I could but I better be safe but you know who I am, I’m a fighter, so no problem as long we stick together.”

“True, well I got to go. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7am,”

“Why early?”

“True how about?” I got interrupted.

“7:30 is fine since I gotta eat before I go,” Liz replied.

“Alright 7:30,” I write 7:30 in my whiteboard. “Okay, see ya.”

“See ya,” Liz said before she hang up. I look up in the ceiling and thinking about summer. I turned my body and look my phone. My phone had lots of notification. I look through my message and see my friends saying yes, they’ll go to the movies. I scroll down to my last message that I didn’t look at and it was Nadieem. I read the text it said “Hey Ayleen, Do you know how bad you look at the last day of school because I just saw you with jeans and jeans aren’t allowed in school?” I replied. Saying that I don’t care what she thinks of me because i know that Liz will always say to me, “You are a beautiful girl, I know that Nadieem is wrong about you. Don’t ever listen to the bad things that is bring you down because we have a future and the only way to have a good future is to go up and beyond. She judges like other people would do. A true friend never judges or tell you mean things about yourself, so get up, stop Nadieem from getting in your head. Fight back like a true warrior.” I kept repeating what Liz said and I look at my phone saying that she’s right I did look bad because I made her look bad at her friends today, but I didn’t mean to I was just saying bye to everyone with a big smile or I guess she’s mad that she only have some friends while my gang and I are popular and we have lots of friends especially from different grades. I type in my phone, “Actually, today is Friday, the school let us wear anything in the Fridays, so if you’re going to judge me go ahead, I’m not afraid of you judging me like I’m an animal.” I finished typing and reread what I typed. I took a deep breath and send it. I was sweating but I’m quite proud of myself to stand up to myself. I felt sleepy, so I get a pajama and went to the shower. I wash myself and think about Liz’s quote about Nadieem again. Still, how does Liz know what’s bullying like? Was she bullied before? Liz, How do you handle this problem by yourself? I slapped out of my head and focus on what I’m doing now. I dried my hair and went to bed. “Good night, Liz,” I whispered. For a moment, my eyes grew heavier and heavier. Finally, I fell deeply asleep with my bunny plushie

that Liz gave me for my birthday. I didn’t name it but I think I’ll name is Liza to remind me about Liz, if we ever be separated, and the quote that Liz made are inside, in the bunny, just for me.

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