Halloween Night.

A group off friends have a little party in their school, on Halloween night. There happens many weird things. And unbelievable things.


1. introduction

Me: “It was a halloween night. On a school, just like this one. A groupe of people, just like this one. They were telling ghost-stories, just, like, we, are. There came some noises from the hall.”


*Noise coming from hall*


Me: “But then..”


Jacob: “There came a monster and ate them all!!!!”


Jacob came launching in the room, from the hall.


Ashley: “Jacob you idiot! Don’t scare us like that!!”


Jacob: “Oh calm down Ashly. It was just a joke.”


Jacob’s gonna scare her the rest of the night. I just know. We have all waited excitedly for halloween. You may think, “Who is we”, And i can easily answer that. “We” are, Ashley, Jacob, Joseph, Caroline, Jessica, Diego, Akame, and me. Oh, and my name is Tolu By the way. This is our little private halloween party. We aren’t in costumes. Well some of us is “Jacob”. These are my best friends. Jacob, the joker. Ashley, the diva. Joseph, the cool guy. Caroline, The innocent girl. Diego, the gamer. Jess, my best friend(And anime freak). Akame, the Sarcastic/mean guy. And me. We are a weird groupe. But we allways there for eachother. No Matter what.


Me. “Hey jacob, could you not scare us all night?”


Jacob: “What?! but i just started!”


Ashley: “Oh brother..!”


We all began laughing. We all have been so excited. Especially Jacob. He’s not my favorite one, But he’s cool enough.


ME: “Jacob come join us for the ghoooost storiiiies. Hehe.”


Jacob: “Sure thing!”


Jacob joined us, and we continued the stories.


Diego: Then when they found their friend.. AAHHH!! The murderer cut them both up!!”


“God, come with a good one instead.”


Diego: “Well why don’t you come with one?”


Jess: “Sure. Ahem.. It was a dark halloween night. Just like this one..”

Jacob: “Buuuh! Don’t use the same as Tolu!!”


Jess: “I’m not! So would you mind shut up?! Hmpf.. Now where where i?”


Me: “It was a dark halloween night, just like this one.”


Jess: “Yes, yes. A group of friend thought it could be cool, if they had a little party at their school.”


Jacob: “Hmmm -_-”




Jacob “Eeeeekk”


With Jacob almost fallen off his chair, we began laughing.


Me: “You can go on now”


Jess: “Finally.. Ahem.! As the night grew, the danger kept growing. They got a Warning, for coming to the school this particular night. But they just ignored it.. As they went around on the school. One by one, disappeared. They serget everywhere for the missing friends. But they wheere nowhere. When there where only one left. She remembered the warning. Do not stay after 12pm. or else you regret it. She was terrified. She had lost all her friends. And now she was alone. Just as she thought that. There were a loud scream. AAAAHH!!!! Rumor has it, that the bodies were never found. And the only thing remaining from the group of friends. Where their love for eachother…”


Me: “Waow.. That was good!”


“Jess: “Thank you. Se it wasn’t like hers!!”


Jacob: “Ok, ok. You were right! Please don’t hurt me!!”


As jacob was crawled up in a ball. We laughed at him. But as we were laughing, there was a sound coming from the bushes, outside the window. I stood up to check it out.


Braden: “Hey Tolu!! What’s up?”


Me: “Omg Braden!! Don’t scare me like that!”


And This is Braden. The player.


Ashley: “Ha!! So now when you're getting scared it’s baaaad?!”


Akame: “Oh shut up allready Ashley.”


Ashley: “What?! But i-”


Akame: “SHUT IT!”


Ashley: “Don’t talk to me like that!! It’s so unfair-”


Akame: “Why do you have to be so-”


Caroline: “As always, those two get in a fight *Sigh*.”


Me: “Yeah.. We’re pretty used to it now. Aren’t we?”


Saying that i smiled to Caroline. And she smiled back.


Caroline: “Yeah..”


Braden: “Come on you two! This is a party, so be nice.”


Saying that he had a giant smirk on his face.


Akame: “Don’t touch me!”


Laughing, Braden backs up. God these guys are crazy. But that’s why i love them. The smile on my face grew.


Me: “Come on guys. Let's get this Halloween party started!!”


Jess: “Yeeeeah!!!”


Diego: “Woooo!!”


Jacob: “Hell Yeah!!”


Ashley: “Finally!!”


Akame: “God you're such a pain..”


Ashley: “Shut up!!”


Jeez… These two i swear XD.


Jacob: “Get a room you two!!”


Akame stopped arguing, and looked at Jacob.






Me: “Hehe. Hey Caroline? What’s the time?”


Caroline: “Oh, uh. It’s 11:37pm.”


Me: “Waow, that early already? Hmm.”


Braden: “Hey Tolu. What’s on your mind?”


Me: “Oh, nothing. Just a little surprised at it’s so late. That’s all”


Jess: “Oh Diego, me Sugar-Daddy!! -3-”


Diego: “Looooooooooooool”


Me: “Jess.. You freaking Animuu! XD”


Jess: “;3”


As we sit and babble on. The time hits 12pm.


*Loud clock ringing*


Caroline: “W-what that the school bell..?”


We all looked at each other. I cringed when i saw Ashley in Akame's arms.


Jacob: “Let’s go check it out!”


Jess: “What?! What are you, crazy?!!”


Diego: “Jess relax.”


Jess: “What if Shigeru comes and kill us?!”


Akame: “Sut up with that fucking anime shit already!!”


Ashley: “Relax Akame! Jeez..!”


Akame: “It wasn’t me who jumped in my arm when i got scarred.”


Ashley: “S-shut up!!”


Akame: “Heh.”


Caroline: “Would you two stop already?! Jess is freaking out here, and she’s not the only one who’s scared!!”


Akame: “Waow..”


Ashley: “I didn’t know she could be so loud.. At it girl!!”


Since almost everyone's freaking out, i had to use my head.


Me: “Ok, ok. We should split up.”


Jess: “What?!”


Me: “To see why the bell went on at exactly 12pm.”


Jacob: “Yes!!”


Joseph: “I’m with Jacob.”


Jacob: “What! Why?!”


Joseph: “Someone have to look after you.”


Jacob: “Hmpf!”


Me: Ok. Me, Jess and Braden take the principal office, and the room that way. Joseph, Jacob and Caroline. You’ll take the Music room, and all the rooms that way. Diego, Ashley and Akame. You’ll take the our class, and the others.”


Ashley: “Why can you decide?! And why do I have to go with him?!!”


Akame: “And what is that supposed to mean?!”


Braden: “Ok. It is decided! Let’s go everyone!!”


Jacob: “Let’s goooo!!!”


Ashley: What, b-but!!”


Joseph: “No but’s”


Ashley: “No fair!!”


Akame: “Just shut up already..”


Ashley: “What?!”


Diego: “Come ooooon.”


Me: “See you all in a bit. We’ll meet up in the Cafeteria!!”

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