deadly secrets

after two very close twin sisters (Charlotte dawn and Gabriel freya rivers) lost their parents to a tragic murder they start to become distant to each other. a year passes and they are hiding big secrets.


1. prologue- what happened that night

As they looked at the paper in front of the house they wondered what it was about.

‘Come to 28 Derwent drive at 1 am or your family dies a tragic death. I’ll be waiting.’ read mia as the front door randomly opens

As they walking into the house, it was pitch black. There was no lights, no sun, nothing. They walked in farther getting out their phones. As David was getting his, he dropped it making it make a loud sound. They felt something run past them and Mia screamed loudly, heart pumping through her ears, turning pale, feeling weak at the knees.

“I’ll just pick up the phone, okay.” Making it sound like he’s not scared

He searched for the phone in pitch black when he heard a voice saying stop looking there’s nothing there I took it. He shot back up and asked if mia heard that, as she said no he started to freak out. They started to look around and see if they could see anything. As they looked around they could see a lit candle in the distance on a silver metal tray. They thought there was a person near it, just standing there watching them. They didn’t know how long it was there for. They decided to walk over and see what was there, when they got there they found 10 different knifes, with 10 other different tool.

There was a voice, it was a guy’s voice.

“I am the mother fucking cult leader.” yelled the cult leader is a gayish voice 

 They look over to where it came from while a dim light came on. You could see people in blood red robes. They moved in closer with some holding the tray.

“You are here today for a new member. You know this member very well.” Said the hooded figure standing on the second level

“Who is it, how do we know this person.”

One of the hooded people walked up to them but this thing was in a white robe with long blonde hair, they knew that it was a girl. Two other people walk up to them, but one had the tray and the other had bucket.

“I’m sorry.” Said the girl in the white robe

The person with the bucket placed it down when the white robed girl grabbed a knife, turned to the guy on the second floor, the guy nodded then she turned back. Someone pushed David ford and the girl sliced his throat with his blood gushing out onto some of the robe and then into the bucket. Mia screamed while she fell to the ground. The girl in the robe hugged mia.

“I am sorry, I really am.” Whispering into her ear then stabbing her throat and the blood pouring out of Mia’s throat and into the bucket as well.

“It’s done. Their lives have ended, I am in.”

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