The Office Next Generation

18 years after the end of the commentary show done on there parents the producers want to do a sequel series on the next generation. So they ask Michael Scotts oldest daughter Ivory Scott, 21, and Cece Halpert, 24, if they want to be a part of it. They agree having loved growing up watching and re watching there parents nine year experience and wanting to see how they can grow from it. Dwight Schrute accepts them as new employees and puts them in the sales department with Phillip Schrute, 20, who sadly has his mother Angela's additude. Follow along with them and the rest of the staff as they work to sell paper, fall in love, and make memory's that will last a lifetime.


1. Meet The Characters

 The three main characters are going to be Ivory Scott, Cece Halpert, and Philip Schrute. It will go from there points of views but there will be moments throughout the series were each member of the staff besides just them also talk to the people filming like in the original series. Loved the original show so much that I got the idea for this show. I hope you guys will like it. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of each of the three main characters.

 Ivory Scott, 21

 Michael Scotts oldest daughter. His other two children, twins, Isobel and Ivan are 19. She is really close to her parents and siblings and wants to work at the place that means so much to her father.


 Cece Halpert, 24

 Jim and Pam Halpert's oldest child. Her younger brother, Phillip Halpert, is 20. Like Ivory she is close with her family, though she and her brother don't always see eye to eye because he has always known what he has wanted to do with his whole life. He picked up their moms art skill, while she has always been more like their father who had been more unsure of what he wanted to do for the rest of his life when he was young.



 Phillip Schrute, 20

 Dwight Schrute's oldest child. His younger brother Matthew is 8 and looks up to Phillip. Matthew is the person he is closest too out of everyone in his family. He has been working at Dunder Mifflin since he was 17 and doesn't agree with his dads over the top personality. He hopes to take over as manager in a few years time and run the office how he thinks it should be run.

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