Forever isn't as long as it seems

Jungkook is your typical College student broke and struggling to pay for his tuition. Here enters V or Kim Taehyung your typical rich boy who has no Fucks to give. Mrs. Kim V's mothers asks Jungkook to tutor him and Jungkook accepts what happens when he bad boy falls for the nerdy good boy...


2. First Tutoring session

 "I'm Kim Taehyung and from what I've been told you're my tutor Jungkook well let me tell you I probably don't like this anymore than you so lets get this over with" Taehyung said "Uh sure lets get started just set your stuff down on my desk Kim Taehyung" I replied " aish why so formal just call me Taehyung not Kim Taehyung I hate my full name" he replied I said "uh ok Taehyung hyung I said well lets get started so for the next hour and a half I tried teaching him some basic Algebra II with Trig but it was impossible as he wouldn't listen and kept saying profanities I was getting tired of it but I needed the money so I ignored his profanities and as time kept going by he was getting closer and closer to me than before and and hour before our tutoring session ended he put his hand on my thigh and rubbed up and down " Taehyung hyung what are you doing" I said nervously I have to admit it was pretty hot he replied "Jungkook Don't be nervous I'm just trying to make this more interesting for the both of us don't worry" he said as his hand palmed my slightly growing member though my jeans I let out a low moan "Tae~hyung don't do this please we have to be ohh studying" I said as he started slowly unzipping my jeans "Jungkook let me show you how grateful I am you are tutoring me" Taehyung said

 He started to lower my zipper, my eyes aware of his every movement. I swallowed hard as he tugged on my pants. He reached his hand and tugged on my boxers. My member sprang free. I watched him lick his lips and move closer. His eyes darkened with lust. He bent his head sideways and took one tentative lick down the length of my member. The pleasure was so overwhelming. He licked the head that was leaking precum. My hips jerked up. Without warning he took me whole in one go. My eyes widened. I could feel my tip touching the base of his throat which means he deepthroated me. I was speechless. He started to move up and down, building momentum. 
His mouth was fucking skilled. That tongue swirling at the tip and back down again. He let go of me and grabbed my member with his hand. He gave a experimental pump, his thumb pressing against my head. I let out another moan. He pumped harder and faster. I was close. 
He engulfed me whole again. My hands rested in his hair. Thrusting into his hot mouth. His gag reflex was amazing. My body shuddered as I came into his mouth. Emptying my load as he swallowed every drop. He let go of my member. I pulled him into a kiss, tasting myself. I pulled him to my bed and I decided to take control so i stripped him down and kissed his neck leaving hickeys then I positioned myself. Without warning I bit into his shoulder as my hips snapped up, thrusting into him.I groaned. His back arched, chest flush against mine. I didn't wait for him to adjust, I just started thrusting. His grip tightened around my neck I positioned his leg on my shoulder, allowing my to thrust deeper. I thursted harder and faster. A thin sheet of sweat glistened on his body. I bent down , capturing his lips. We battled for dominance as I found his prostrate. 

Positioning myself better, I thursted relentlessly. His moans were music to my ears. Only I could make him feel like this. He was close, I could feel it, which urged me to go faster. A string of curse words left his mouth. I gripped at his hips, bruising them. His hips snapped with mine in time. "I'm so close" he moaned. He leaned forward and bit into my shoulder as he came. I thrusted a few more times before orgasming. I rode out our orgasms. His seed splattered on my stomach, but I didn't care. Exhaustion hit me full force as I narrowly managed to avoid collapsing on him. We were both panting, anger leaving our systems. 
He sat up, looking at me. Silently he sat on my thighs and leaned forward. He then leaned forward, licking up his seed from my stomach. My abdominals tensed underneath his tongue. His tongue trailed up. He took my nipple in his mouth, his tongue swirling around. I let out a quiet moan. He continued moving higher, resting on my neck. He bit my neck, painfully. "Payback" he smirked. 

As I realized what I just did with the son of Mrs. Kim I said "Taehyung this was wrong we shouldn't have done this" He replied "Jungkook No one has to know just pretend this never happened and that's it but that won't mean it can't happen again as a form of me paying you for tutoring me" I thought about it and figured it wasn't such a bad idea then I leaned in for a last steamy kiss and said we need a shower and He said "Round 2?"  "No round 2 we need to finish studying now go take a shower and I'll lend you some clothes after you're done we can finish studying and you can go home" I replied He pouted and said "fine I'll go shower" and got up and went to shower after he got done with his shower he sat down and we finally finished our study session and he got up and went towards the door and said "bye Jungkook thanks for tutoring me" and before opening the door and walking out he pulled me in for a kiss and then left

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