Forever isn't as long as it seems

Jungkook is your typical College student broke and struggling to pay for his tuition. Here enters V or Kim Taehyung your typical rich boy who has no Fucks to give. Mrs. Kim V's mothers asks Jungkook to tutor him and Jungkook accepts what happens when he bad boy falls for the nerdy good boy...


1. Broke as hell

Jungkook's P.O.V

The tuition deadline is coming and I don't have the tuition money argh this is so frustrating.  I think as I'm going through the money I have saved up my thoughts are interrupted by a loud knock at the door or my dorm I unwillingly get up to see who it is and  I'm greeted with the surprise that it's Mrs. Kim the wife of Mr. Kim the owner of the university I am attending I quickly fix my posture and say "Mrs. Kim come in" as she comes in I say please take a seat" once she is seated she says "Jeon Jungkook right"? I reply "yes Mrs. Kim that is me" she says "Jungkook I need you to tutor My son Kim Taehyung and the reason why I come and ask you to tutor him is because you and him have all the same hours and you're the best in your class" I reply "Mrs. Kim I would really like to help you but I can't I have to work three part time jobs in order to have money for the tuition deadline in three weeks I apologize" Mrs. Kim said " Jungkook if you accept to tutor him I will pay you 500,000 won per day and if you tutor him and get him to Pass his finals I'll pay you 100,000,00 won per each final he passes" I said "Mrs. Kim if that's the case I'll tutor your son and make sure he passes all of his finals with exceptional grades" Mrs. Kim said "Great Jungkook when will you be able to start tutoring him?" I replied "As soon as you need me to but it would have to be during our 3rd hour since it's our only free hour and after we finish all of our classes at 3:00 til 5:30 since I have to go to my job at 6:00 at the Pink Pastries downtown" Mrs. Kim then said " Thank you Jungkook and could you start tutoring right now I left him outside waiting?" I replied "Oh sure Mrs. Kim that would not be a problem let me go get him and does he have his notebooks and textbooks?" I asked "yes I made him bring everything and made sure he would not leave while I was in here talking to you" Mrs. Kim replied I opened the door and Mrs. Kim went out to her car and got her son Kim Taehyung as he came in he looked mad and aggravated with his mother once he stepped into my dorm he said " I'm Kim Taehyung and from what I've been told you're my tutor Jungkook well let me tell you I probably don't like this anymore than you so lets get this over with" "Uh sure lets get started just set your stuff down on my desk Kim Taehyung"

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