Forever isn't as long as it seems

Jungkook is your typical College student broke and struggling to pay for his tuition. Here enters V or Kim Taehyung your typical rich boy who has no Fucks to give. Mrs. Kim V's mothers asks Jungkook to tutor him and Jungkook accepts what happens when he bad boy falls for the nerdy good boy...


3. After session

Taehyung's P.O.V.

Once I got done with the tutoring session I left and went towards Yoongi's place I had to tell him I finally got my hands on that Jungkook bunny and he wasn't a bunny in bed. He was a monster and what surprised me the most was that he accepted my idea in me and him doing the deed at every study session. As I got closer to Yoongi Hyungs apartment I couldn't help but finally feel the soreness in  my bum set in from the way that Bunny was slamming into me. I finally made it too Yoongi hyungs apartment and I knocked and when he answered I said " I have so much to tell you about my tutoring session" Yoongi replied " Tae don't tell me about your boring ass tutoring session I don't give a fuck about it" "Well you will once find out who my tutor was you'll be interested" I replied with a slight smirk on my lips " You did not get That bunny of Jungkook to be your tutor did you please tell me you didn't" Yoongi replied with eyes as big as saucers " Yep that's exactly who it i-" before I finished replying Yoongi pull me into his apartment and slammed me into his couch and said " spill it what happened" I replied  " Well you wanna know what we studied or what my favorite part is" I asked he replied "Tae tell me EVERYTHING" he said emphasizing on the word everything " We were studying until I got horny and I decided to see if he would let me Blow him and he did then which was a surprise after that he got dominant and he pulled me towards his bed and he fucked me right there it was amazing my ass is still sore af tho and he is huge" Yoongi got a hard on by listening to me talk about what happened and I said "Hyung you have a boner" I laughed and he said get out of here so I got up and left.

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