My Secret Hero

Saiki K. Fic: (Saiki x Mera). I had no idea where else to put this so...: Well there's one who draws attention and one who's obsessed with me. But the other one gives me Coffee Jelly; I guess if it's her, then I...


2. PSIched For a Beach Day

The Next Day

“Thanks a lot Nendou.  You snored all night long; it kept me up,” Kaidou exclaimed.

“Well I couldn’t get any sleep either, you kept mumbling through your sleep; you know how annoying that was,” Nendou shouted.

Saiki sighed, “Well I had to deal with both of you last night.  So I guess I’m the real loser.

The boys headed to the beach in their swim gear; they sat by the girls; mainly thanks to Kaidou and Nendou being under Teruhashi’s spell.

“Glad you guys could make it, how do I look,” Teruhashi asked.

Nendou and Kaidou blushed, “W-Wow Teruhashi, you look great!”  Teruhashi smiled at the boys and then immediately glared at Saiki.

How could he not notice me?!?!  I’m gorgeous!  I’ll get him to notice me; one way or another!” Teruhashi was livid at this point.

I can’t even get any of the guys to notice me; not fair,” Chiyo thought pouting.

Mera smiled at Kaidou and Nendou; when she turned to Saiki her smile grew even bigger.  To even his own surprise, Saiki smiled back at her; unfortunately, everyone else noticed.

“Huh?  What are you guys smiling about?  Come to think of it, Saiki never smiles,” Kaidou said.

Nendou laughed, “Ha!  My pal has a funny smile; you’d think you two were married.”

Mera giggled, “Nah, Saiki and I just had a fun talk last night,” she said winking.

Geez, don’t make it sound so vague,” Saiki nodded.

Teruhashi tried to hide her cringe, “O-Oh that’s g-great to hear.”  Then she began to think, “Is it possible that she could like-NO!  That’s impossible there’s no way they could’ve confessed last night.”

Got that right,” Saiki rolled his eyes.

Kaidou had already begun making a sandcastle, “Anyways, Saiki, we should make a fortress to fight off Dark Reunion’s forces.”

Saiki sighed, “Ugh, that sounds like a pain.

Yumehara smiled, “Yeah, sandcastles sound like fun.”

“Yeah, let’s each build part of it!  We can make it really big; bigger than the whole beach,” Nendou said excitedly.

Saiki stood up, “Really doesn’t seem to be in my element.  I think I’ll pass.”  He began to walk off before the gang stopped him.

“You’re not staying Saiki?” Yumehara asked.  Saiki shook his head.  Everybody groaned and tried to convince Saiki to stay.

Geez, I didn’t think they’d care so much; even so I-“ Saiki was interrupted by Mera grabbing his wrist.  Saiki turned to see Mera with sparkles in her eyes.

“Saiki, it just wouldn’t be the same without you; won’t be nearly as fun,” she said.  Saiki paused for a moment while looking at the girl gripping his wrist.

Saiki gave a small sigh and nodded, “Fine, you’ve talked me into it.

Everyone cheered, “Woo hoo!  Let’s do it!”

Saiki sighed, “Besides just interacting with them, there are two reasons that I want to avoid doing this: Yumehara and Teruhashi.

I can show off to Saiki my sand crafting skills,” both girls thought.

That’s not happening,” Saiki groaned.

Yumehara immediately began fixing the sand on the beach into something huge; Kaidou and Nendou immediately followed suit.

Teruhashi got an evil smile, “Oh, if only somebody could help me; I’d love to repay them,” she glanced over at Saiki.  “No way he can resist now,”she thought.

Suddenly a swarm of boys surrounded Teruhashi,” I’ll help you!” one yelled.

“No I’ll help,” screamed another.  More boys offered to help Teruhashi causing her to cringe on the inside.  This wasn’t what she had in mind.

Good thing I told the guys through telepathy that Teruhashi needed help, that saves me some trouble,” Saiki thought while wearing a somewhat evil smile.

Nendou, Saiki, and Kaidou began working on separate sculptures.  “Ha!  We should come up with something really cool,” Nendou said excitedly.

Kaidou raised an eyebrow, “Like a weapon against evil forces?”

Saiki rolled his eyes as he played with the sand, “As long as it’s not the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon, it’s fine.”

Meanwhile, Mera and Yumehara were a few spots away, talking.

Mera smiled, “I wonder what the guys are up to; makes me think what they could make.”

Yumehara smiled, “I have to make the perfect sculpture for my sweet Saiki,” she thought.

“Something wrong,” Mera asked.

Yumehara snapped, “Wh-what, no!  It’s nothing!”

Mera tilted her head, “Uh…okay…”  Teruhashi finally appeared by the girls; she looked exhausted.

“I…don’t even want to talk about it,” Teruhashi said.

Suddenly a giant wave appeared to be heading towards the sandcastle that Mera had created.

“Oh no!  Not my castle,” she exclaimed.

Somehow, Saiki had found himself in between the castle and the wave.

What?  You expect me to do something?  Fine.”  Saiki blocked the wave with his back.  “I simply made the wave less impactful thanks to my powers.  It’s a good thing I was standing in the way, otherwise this would’ve been too suspicious.”

Saiki gave Mera a thumbs up.

Saiki is awesome,” Mera thought.

Saiki was surprised by this, “D-Don’t say that,” he thought.  “Man it’s hot,” he thought as his cheeks turned red.  “Y-Yeah, that’s why my cheeks changed colors.

Teruhashi glared, “Saiki’s never blushed like that around ME!  What’s going on?!?!

Several hours later the sandcastles were finished.  The sun was setting and everyone looked at their creations.

“Kaidou, what exactly did you make,” Teruhashi asked.  Kaidou had made a giant fist of sand with multiple sparks coming out of it.

Kaidou dramatically covered his face, “This is the ultimate weapon to fight off evil; the Jet Black Wings’ Asteroid Galick Cannon.”

He’s trying way too hard to avoid copyright,” Saiki sighed.

“Um, I don’t get it,” Teruhashi responded honestly.

“….I mean…it’s the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon,” Kaidou said softly.

What did I just say,” Saiki snapped.

“Hey!  It was the best I could come up with,” Kaidou said, defending himself against Saiki.

Yumehara giggled, “I think it’s kind of cute!”

Kaidou immediately blushed and turned away.

“I-It’s not supposed to be cute,” Kaidou said.  Yumehara noticed this.

Oh wow, Kaidou blushed when he saw me in the swimsuit!” she thought.

That’s not it at all,” Saiki thought.

But, I have to stay committed.  I have my Shinning Outstanding Saiki,” Yumehara thought, obliviously.

Lies and slander, and you know it,” Saiki thought angrily.

Yumehara was next, “Well I made a head of someone I like.”  The head was very close to Saiki in terms of appearance; the hair, the glasses, even the antennae.

As impressive as that is, it’s somewhat disturbing that she put so much effort into that,” Saiki thought.

Wonder who the guy is,” Nendou, Kaidou, Teruhashi, and Mera thought.

You guys are worse than she is,” Saiki thought.

Teruhashi quickly destroyed her replica of Saiki holding her in his arms; everyone turned around to see her.

“Well, mine wasn’t anything important.  Just nobody important,” Teruhashi lied.

For such a perfect girl, I think your nose just grew,” Saiki smirked.

Nendou laughed, “Wow.  You guys are good.  This is what I made.”  He showed himself holding Saiki in his arms.  “It’s me hanging with my pal.”

That’s just disturbing,” everyone else thought.  Teruhashi noticed another sculpture standing next to them; it seemed to resemble Teruhashi.


Actually, that one’s Nendou’s too,” Saiki acknowledged with a somewhat evil smile.

Teruhashi froze, “Wh-Wh-What?!?!”

Nendou spoke, “Oh yeah, had some extra time; so I made one of you!  Whaddaya think, Teruhashi?”

Everyone turned to Teruhashi, “Oh….w-well it’s very…” she replied.

It’s bothersome, it wasn’t from Saiki.  But…as perfect as I am, I admit it was sweet of Nendou, even if he’s out of my league and distracting me from Saiki,” she thought.

Even Nendou wouldn’t think to do that.  Probably cause he won’t think; and stop bothering me, Teruhashi,” Saiki thought.

Kaidou looked at Saiki, “What’d you make, Saiki,” he asked with curiosity in his eyes.

Saiki pointed at a sculpture resembling a coffee jelly, “This one’s mine.

“A coffee jelly?  What’s so great about that,” Teruhashi asked cutely, obviously trying to get him to react.

Saiki felt a dark energy rise through his body and his hair began to stand, “WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT IT?!?!?  IT-“

“WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT IT?!??!” Mera snapped, interrupting Saiki; stunning everyone, especially Saiki and Teruhashi.

Mera continued her rant, “What’s not to understand:  It doesn’t taste bad.  Earthy with a slightly citrus node finish.  Don’t let the name fool you folks, this jelly is a mature, dignified, treat.  Better still when you add just a splash of whole milk, it becomes an entirely new flavor sensation.  And that hint of decadence is everything I ask for in my dessert!”

Everyone was quiet for a while until Mera spoke again, “Whoops; sorry about that Teruhashi.  Got kind of carried away.”

Teruhashi thought, “She’s kind of a psycho-

Saiki had a small amount blush on his face, “Oh, wow.”  Their likability continued to grow.

SHE GETS AN ‘OH, WOW’ BUT I DON’T GET SQUAT?!?!” Teruhashi glared.

She’s right you know,” Saiki nodded.

Mera smiled, “I know, cause I made the same thing,” she said revealing her own coffee jelly.  She was trying desperately hard not to attack her own creation.

Please don’t eat the sand, Mera” Saiki sighed.

“By the way, Yumehara, that guy you like…have you kissed him yet?” Mera asked.

“Wh-Wh no not yet!  Nendou have you had your first kiss?” she panicked.

“Huh?  Me?  Oh yeah, when I saved Takahashi I-“ Nendou began.

“Never mind,” everyone said immediately.

Kaidou asked, “Saiki, have you had your first kiss.”

Saiki shook his head, “Please.  I’m not interested in that kind of thing.

Yumehara and Teruhashi thought, “Great.  I can break Saiki and be his first kiss!

Don’t ever say that,” Saiki snapped.

Kaidou continued, “Well, I’m sure you’ll want it someday.  I probably won’t; my duty as a savior of this world prevents me from-,”

“Hey guys,” a red-headed man shouted from afar.  “It’s almost time for dinner; come wash up.”

“Got it Hairo,” the gang responded.  The gang began to head in to the hotel when a purple-haired classmate.

“Hey Saiki, let’s have a chat,” Toritsuka said.

Mera noticed this, “Oh, I’ll save you a seat at dinner.”

Saiki nodded, “Okay, thanks!

Toritsuka pulled Saiki away from the group, “You sly dog…who knew?”

What?” Saiki thought in an annoyed tone.

“Don’t play dumb,” Toritsuka laughed.  “The ghosts told me, you and Mera.  Woulda thought you’d be WAY more discrete than that.”

What?  We’re just friends, idiot,” Saiki responded.

“Whatever you say, friend,” Toritsuka smiled deviously.  “You know I’m right,” he said walking off.

Saiki remained in place for a moment, “…..Mera and I…we’re just friends…right?


The Next Day


Well we leave in a few hours.  The trip could’ve been a lot worse, but it was by no means perfect.  My only mission now is to have a Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu.  The restaurant on this island only has 5 of them per day.” Saiki monologued.

Saiki began to hurry to the restaurant when he came across Takahashi and his cronies.

“Saiki!  Takahashi needs help; his stomach is at it again,” one of them said.

Saiki sighed, “Get someone else to help.

Suddenly Mr. Matsuzaki appeared, “It’s okay everyone, I’m here.”

Saiki walked away, “Good, I can leave.  Back to the task at hand.”  Saiki continued to walk until was about to enter the restaurant.  He was about to enter, when suddenly-

“There you are, you four-eyed pervert!” a blue-haired pervert said blocking the entrance.

Great…you,” Saiki said.

“Where’s my Kokomi?  Leave her alone you perverted freak!” Makoto said furiously.

Saiki thought for a moment, “…Damn…she’s inside.

Makoto went inside and quickly threw himself at Teruhashi who was sitting with Yumehara, both of whom were eating Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu.  Two people on the other side of the room had the other two desserts.

Saiki approached the counter and pointed at the Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu on the menu.

The cashier bowed, “I’m sorry.  We just sold the last one to that girl over there,” he said pointing to a table where Mera was sitting.  This is where he admitted defeat.

Great…all of those distractions and I couldn’t make it in time.  This is how the story ends,” Saiki groaned as he walked out of the restaurant.  Before he shut the door, Mera looked up and saw him.

Mera began, “Oh hey, Sai-“ she was cut off by Saiki slamming the door.

“Ki…” she finished with a confused and somewhat sad look on her face.

Saiki had returned to his room and began packing his bags, “Sorry about that outburst, folks.  Somethings in life are pretty upsetting at times.”  Saiki looked over at his glasses which were on top of his school uniform; they appeared to be broken.

I…kind of blew a gasket.  Good thing I have special contacts just in case; if you want to know why I need these glasses so bad, read the Manga.  Not exactly in the mood to-

Saiki turned to the door as he heard a knock.  He opened the door to see Mera standing in the doorway. 

Huh?  Mera?” Saiki questioned.

“Saiki…can you come with me?  I have something I want to show you,” Mera asked.

I’m not exactly in the mood.  Plus, I should pack,” Saiki responded.

Mera gave Saiki pleading eyes, “I promise, it’ll be quick!”

Saiki paused for a moment, but he begrudgingly sighed.

Mera grabbed his hand and led him, “Great, c’mon.”

Saiki looked down at his own hand being held by Mera, “…No…Toritsuka’s wrong.

Mera showed Saiki to her room and opened the door; when Saiki looked up, his face lit up.

Wh-What,” he began to think as he saw the beauty that was on the table.  Shaved ice, coffee, and a handful of other ingredients, (Seriously, I barely know what this is) there it was; the Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu.

“I had a feeling you really wanted to have one, so I decided to save some.  Would you like to join me-,” Mera began.

Saiki put his hand on Mera’s shoulder, “Th-Thank you, Mera.  This is exactly what I needed.

“Saiki, we’re friends.  It’s the least I can do; and by the way, you can call me Chisato.  Shall we eat,” she smiled.

Saiki almost wanted to cry, “Yeah, let’s do it.”  The likability continued to skyrocket; Saiki took a bite and had a small smile, “This actually kind of nice.

It only took a few minutes, but the dessert was already gone.  “That was delicious,” Mera said.

Yeah it was pretty good, thanks again,” Saiki nodded.  He began to get up until Mera stopped him.

“Saiki…thank you…” she started.

Saiki raised an eyebrow, “Huh?  What did I do?

Mera began to shake, “Thank you…for being there for me.”  Tears started to pour down her face, “I’ve had so much fun on this trip.  And I don’t know how, but I feel like you’re part of the reason…You’ve just been an incredible friend…Thank you for trying to make this trip special…And I know when we get back to school things will be back to normal with school and all my jobs…so thanks for everything…”

Saiki was taken aback by this, “Wow…I mean that much to her lately.  Out of everyone, when I use my powers to help her, it doesn’t feel as bad.”  Saiki did something that even surprised himself; he pulled Mera in for a hug.

Mera was startled by this, but hugged him back tightly.  She continued to cry into his shoulder.

Chisato…I…I’m happy that I’m important to you,” he thought releasing her from the hug.  As he released her, he wiped the tears from her face.  Mera didn’t flinch when he did so.  They both looked into each other’s eyes for what felt like forever.

There’s something about her…I don’t get it…she’s not as much of a bother as the other girls…Well there's one who draws attention and one who's obsessed with me.  But the other one gives me Coffee Jelly; I guess if it's her, then I...” Saiki thought.

They continued to stare until Saiki noticed Mera’s movements.  She slowly began to lean in towards Saiki’s face and close her eyes.  Saiki remained still as she continued.  She kept moving until she pressed her lips against Saiki’s.  Saiki was surprised by this for the first few seconds, but began to close his eyes afterwards until he quickly pulled away.

Mera began to panic, “Saiki; I’m so sorry!  I feel awful that I took your first kiss!  I just got so emotional, that I just lost control!”

Saiki began to stand up.  Mera almost felt like she was about to cry again; she hung her head.  Suddenly she heard the sound of a door close.  She looked up to see Saiki lean in and press his lips against her; surprising her, but she gave in and kissed him back.

Saiki’s hands moved to her face and lower back while Mera’s hands moved to his back.  After a few more seconds, the broke apart.  Both teens were blushing.

“Wh-Wh-“ Mera began to speak before Saiki put his finger on her mouth.

For my first kiss, I didn’t hate it,” Saiki smiled.

Mera grew a small smile, but it soon faded.  She took a deep breath and spoke, “Should we continue?”

Saiki continued to smile, “That’d be nice.


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