My Secret Hero

Saiki K. Fic: (Saiki x Mera). I had no idea where else to put this so...: Well there's one who draws attention and one who's obsessed with me. But the other one gives me Coffee Jelly; I guess if it's her, then I...


3. Psi Desu I Like You


“Get out of here,” Teruhashi said pushing her older brother out of the restaurant.  She returned to her seat across from Yumehara.

“Wow!  Who would’ve thought your brother was a movie star,” Yumehara said excitedly.

Teruhashi sighed, “Yeah, well the publicity can be kind of crazy.”

Suddenly Nendou and Kaidou approached the table, “Hey, do you guys know where Saiki and Mera are,” Kaidou asked. 

Yumehara thought for a moment, “Hm, I saw them earlier, but it has been a little while.”

Nendou spoke, “Well maybe we should go find my pal first.  He would probably know where to find her, he’s smart.

Yumehara and Teruhashi both thought, “Good idea.  No matter what, I will confess to Saiki when we find him!  NO MORE EXCUSES!”

Kaidou scratched his head, “Are you two okay?”

The girls didn’t answer. 

Teruhashi thought, “HE’LL SAY ‘OH WOW’!”

Yumehara next, “I’LL HAVE MY SWEET SAIKI!”

Kaidou and Nendou tilted their heads in confusion, “Okay….”

Yumehara and Teruhashi shared a final thought, “Wonder what Saiki’s up to anyway.

With Saiki

Saiki placed his lips onto Mera’s again, this time she immediately wrapped her hands around his neck and back.  She gripped his shirt tightly as she deepened their kiss.  Mera moaned during the kiss and giggled for a moment, locking lips with Saiki again.  The two teens continued to lock and unlock their lips, increasing their movements with each kiss for several minutes until Mera quickly pulled away.

Saiki was about to protest until Mera placed her hand on his chest and gently pushed him onto his back.  Once in position, Mera slowly climbed on top of him and kissed him.  Saiki moved his hands to her sides, smiling through the kiss.  The two rolled over so that Saiki was on top of her.  He pulled away for a moment, after giving her a brief kiss on the lips, and moved to pepper kisses down her soft neck; Mera moaned at this, “Mmm, Saiki.”  Mera rolled Saiki back on to his back and the two continued to kiss like before.  Mera leaned into Saiki’s body the more they kissed, so much so, that Saiki felt her chest on top of his.

 “What am I doing,” Saiki thought.  “One minute we’re talking and the next, we’re making out?!?  We should stop before-“  Saiki was cut off by Mera slowly getting off of him.  Saiki sat up rather slowly; he began to turn around until he felt Mera’s hands wrap around his waist; gripping the bottom of his shirt.

Ch-Chi…” Saiki began.

Mera whispered into Saiki’s ear, “Saiki, please….we’re having so much fun.”  Saiki turned and saw that Mera was blushing.

Wow, she’s…really cute,” Saiki thought.  Saiki smiled, “I’m not going anywhere.”  Mera giggled and pecked him on the cheek.  She then took a deep breath and lifted Saiki’s shirt above his head; Saiki threw his shirt to the side.

Mera’s eyes darted all over Saiki’s body; she placed her hand on his chest and ran her fingers through it.  “Are we moving too fast,” Mera thought. 

She kissed Saiki again for a few minutes until he slowly moved his hands towards the bottom of her shirt.  Saiki began to lift her shirt as they broke apart.  Mera giggled and threw her shirt to where Saiki’s was. 

Saiki looked at Mera’s body; he noticed her pink bra and blushed, “I’m sorry, I-“

“Saiki, it’s okay to stare,” Mera said.  Saiki looked her in the eyes; he felt his heart began to race.  “I..I don’t know what’s happening with me, even so I…..”

“Please…kiss me, again,” Mera said.  Saiki’s eyes widened at the girl’s request.  Her blush increased slightly, “I want…I want to tell him.”  Saiki placed his hand on her cheek and leaned in towards her face.  Mera took a deep breath and whispered,

“Psi…Desu…I like you.”

Saiki kissed Mera again and the two’s movements got faster as their kiss got more intense.  Mera climbed back on top of Saiki as the two continued.

This school trip were the best days of my life.  Thank you, Saiki.” Mera thought.  After a few more moments, Mera’s hand began sliding underneath Saiki’s shorts; past his boxers.  Meanwhile Saiki’s hands moved to the key of Mera’s bra.  They both were about to continue with their movements, until-

The door swung open, “Mera have you seen-SAIKI??” Teruhashi screamed as she saw the two.  Mera immediately pulled her hand out of Saiki’s shorts and sat up.

“Te-Teruhashi?!?” Mera noticed in embarrassment. 

Yumehara followed Teruhashi in the room and froze at the sight of Saiki and Mera.  “Wh-Wh-What are you guys doing?!?!?”

Oh great, I was so focused on Mera, I couldn’t tell that the other girls were coming.  Least it can’t get any worse-“ Saiki thought as Nendou and Kaidou ran to the room.

“What are you guys screaming about?  Is it Dark Reunion? I’ll-Oh WOW!” Kaidou said in shock.

“Whoa!  Good for you pal,” Nendou said.

Well at least he-wait what am I saying; this is a travesty,” Saiki thought.  Suddenly a rumbling was heard outside and a cloud of smoke entered the room; a blue-haired man appeared.

“What are you doing to my Kokomi; you perv?!?” Makoto said angrily.  He then saw the situation.  “Wow….if you didn’t like Kokomi, you should’ve just said so.”

Idiot!  That’s what I’ve been saying!” Saiki glared.

“WHAT?!?!  HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE ME?  I’M PERFECT!  BETTER THAN EVERY GIRL HERE!” Teruhashi yelled before storming off.  “And there it is,” Saiki sighed.


A Few Hours Later

The class had packed up their belongings and were seated on the plane.  Unfortunately, Nendou had let what happened with Saiki and Mera slip.  Most students left the two alone, but a few were pestering them; mainly Toritsuka.

“That’s not fair!  You act like you don’t care about girls, and you get to be with a beautiful one, easily!” Toritsuka yelled.

Shut up, idiot!” Saiki said looking out of the window.

Teruhashi was sitting alone in the back of the plane.  “I can’t believe I showed my true self thanks to Saiki!  I swear, it’ll be hard to recover from something like this! I-“

“You okay, Teruhashi?” Nendou asked, returning from the restroom.

“I’m fine,” she said sternly.  “Just leave me alone.”

Nendou tilted his head, “Well you just seemed upset earlier.  Anyway, even if my pal can’t help you, I’m ready to talk whenever you are.”

A small smile formed on Teruhashi’s face.  “Th-Thanks!”  Nendou gave her a thumbs up and went back to his seat.  Teruhashi blushed, “Oh wow.

Mera was seen sitting next to Yumehara, neither were really willing to talk about what had happened, until Yumehara spoke.  “So…are you guys um…together?” Yumehara asked.

Mera sighed, “….I…I don’t know.”

Yumehara smiled, “You know, maybe after we get back, you can talk to him.  Maybe you can work things out and maybe we can double date!”

Mera kept her head down, “I don’t know, Saiki’s never been much of a talker and-wait double date?”

“And the two of you can be together at last”:

Fantasy Saiki:  You’re so perfect Mera, my Sparkling Astounding Princess!

Fantasy Mera:  And you’re incredible Saiki, my Super Overwhelming Superhero!

I don’t think overwhelming is supposed to be a good thing,” Saiki thought.

Mera brought a small smile to her face, “I don’t know about those words exactly, but I appreciate your support, Chiyo.” Mera responded.

Yumehara smiled at her progress before looking over at Kaidou who was talking to Nendou and blushed.

The class made it back to the school and everyone was saying goodbye, even if they were going to see each other tomorrow.  Mera tried to find Saiki but by the time she saw him, he was already leaving.

I-I’m sorry.  I have to go,” he said as he left.  Mera tried to get a word in, but she simply couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“S-Saiki,” she said with extreme sadness in her voice.

Saiki had returned to his house after a short walk.  Both of his parents were home and greeted him with bear hugs.

“It’s so good to see you Kusuo!  I missed you more; let’s snuggle!” his father said excitedly.

“Tell us all about your trip!  Did you, Nendou, and Kaidou get along,” his mother asked.

It was fine.  I’m going to my room,” Saiki said.

His mother stopped him, “But we haven’t talked yet, Kuu!  I even bought you some coffee jelly from that café you love going to!”

Saiki sighed, “Actually…I’m not in the mood for coffee jelly right now.

“WHAT?!?” his parents responded.  Saiki went to his room.

“I wonder what’s bugging Kusuo.  I’m gonna go talk to him,” his father said.

Saiki was sitting on his bed, looking up at the ceiling, “I shouldn’t have done that.  It was so stupid of me.  I-come in, Dad.”

Kuniharu was startled, “Y-You need to talk, son?”

Saiki turned away, “No Dad.  Just need to rest.”

Kuniharu cleared his throat, “Alright, just know that even though you’re an all-powerful psychic, you’re still my son.  And we’re going to have to talk about it sooner or later.”

Saiki’s Dad began to turn until Saiki spoke, “Fine, I’ll talk.”  Saiki’s Dad took a seat at the desk as Saiki explained what happened on the trip.

“So…Kaidou really made a Neo Armstrong-“ Saiki’s Dad jokingly said.  Saiki gave his father an annoyed look.

His dad cleared his throat, “Well sounds like you really had to go through a lot.  But not nearly as much as that Mera girl.”

Saiki looked at his dad, “Wait, what?

Kuniharu continued, “You really don’t get it do you.  The thing is Kusuo, I’m not sure you know how girls work.  Even if you don’t want to be in a relationship, you should still treat her with respect.  Do you have any idea how she feels, right now?”

I guess…I was so busy with not trying to stand out that…I made her so upset…I feel awful,” Saiki said.  “But what I want to know, is why did I cave so easily?

Kuniharu spoke, “Well from the sounds of it, she loves coffee jelly; that’s it for you!  But in all seriousness, it sounds like psychic powers can’t stop you from growing up.”

Saiki looked away, “Sounds like it.  Maybe there was more to it than just me being nice.”

Kuniharu stood and headed towards the door, “Even when you turn her down, you need to tell her you’re sorry.”

Saiki sat in silence for a bit, “Since when is he competent?”

Saiki then heard voices downstairs, “Yep, everything worked out okay!” Kuniharu said.

Kurumi happily responded, “You’re so amazing, sweetie!”

“Only as amazing as you deserve, my dear,” Kuniharu replied.

Never mind,” Saiki thought.

The Next Day

Saiki was on his way to school as he usually would be.  Oddly enough, they had to go back to school the day after the trip, but considering what Saiki had to do, he didn’t mind at all. 

“Even though it wasn’t right of me to do what I did, I still just can’t see us being together.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t stand out.  We have to stay friends; just friends,” he thought.

He had met up with Nendou and Kaidou beforehand and the three of them arrived at the school gate.  Unfortunately, there was a little bit of a commotion between four girls; three on one side, Mera on the other.

“Look ladies, it’s the girl who eats anything!  Where’s your boy toy?” one said.

Mera glared, “Leave me alone!”

Another girl jumped in, “Oh boo hoo!  You gonna cry!”

The last girl laughed, “That’s so cute; she’s getting mad!”

Kaidou spoke, “That’s terrible we should-huh, Saiki?”  Saiki’s fist was shaking and he had an extremely annoyed look on his face; he suddenly vanished and appeared in front of Mera, startling her.

Leave her alone!  She doesn’t want to talk to you!” Saiki scowled.

The third girl laughed, “Oh please shy guy, do you really-“

Saiki gave them a threatening look, “DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE WHAT THIS SHY GUY CAN DO WHEN HE’S ANGRY!”

The girls cowered and began to back away, “Fine,” the first one said.  “You two losers deserve each other!”  The girls made kissing sounds to mock the two and ran off.

I’ve already put curses on their bodies.  Have fun with that.” Saiki sighed.  He turned to Mera who was still glaring.

He began, “Listen, I-“ before Saiki could finish, Mera slapped him on the cheek.

No need to be psychic to predict that,” he said rubbing his cheek.  Mera immediately slapped him on his other cheek.  “Okay, yeah, I definitely deserved that.

Mera spoke furiously, “Be quiet!  Do you have any idea what I had to go through yesterday?  I couldn’t even eat yesterday; my mom has been sick for months and knowing how worried she was, killed me!”

 Mera began to shake, “I was crying my eyes out all last night!  But you want to know what the worst part is?!?  Even though I’m still super pissed off at you…part of me didn’t want to lose you as a friend!  I still didn’t want to lose the friend who gave me the extra ticket to Okinawa, who helped me keep my job, the person who always was a loner, but still treated me like I was good enough to be his friend…so if we could still be friends, I’d really like that.” Mera lifted her head and had a small smile with her eyes closed.

Saiki was surprised by what Mera said; he also began to notice that a lot of students noticed the situation between the two of them.

Mera….stop having that smile on your face…don’t smile when I know that you’re about to cry…Please just be your true self…I..I…” Saiki thought.  He stopped thinking and hugged Mera.

Mera’s eyes shot open,  “S-Saiki?”

Saiki began, “I’m so sorry, Chisato.  I’m such a jerk; when you kissed me and confessed in the room, I was actually really happy.  But then I started to think that my feelings may not have been genuine; that I was just doing it to make you happy.  And I always hate the idea of standing out to people, but with you…it doesn’t feel as bad.  But either way, I’m an idiot and I’m so, so sorry, Chisato.”

Mera continued, “Saiki, does that mean that…”

Saiki finished, “I know I have no right to say this after what happened, but Chisato I….I…want us to be together because I really like you!”

A lot of students gasped at the confession; especially Saiki’s group.  Mera was the most shocked as her eyes widened.  After a few moments, tears began to form in Mera’s eyes as she hugged Saiki back.

“I want us to be together too, Saiki!” she said tightening her grip on him.  After a few seconds, both teens pulled away from the hug while still holding each other.  Saiki placed his hand on Mera’s cheek and pulled her in for a kiss; which she immediately returned.

The two held each other; enjoying the kiss until-

“AWWW!” a voice said. 

Mera and Saiki turned to see Yumehara.  “S-Sorry for ruining the moment, but I’m just so happy for you two AND for the fact that my plan for you two worked!”

Mera giggled and nodded.

It was us talking; not much of a plan if you ask me,” Saiki thought.

“Well Saiki, looks like we’re already a popular couple,” Mera giggled.

Saiki turned to Mera and spoke, “Kusuo.”

Mera turned back to her new boyfriend, “What’d you say?”

Saiki sighed and opened his mouth again, “It’d be more casual if you called me by my first name, ‘Kusuo’.”

Mera smiled, “Alright…Kuu.”

Yumehara’s eyes lit up, “DOUBLE AWW!”

Saiki and Mera turned to the girl, “Oh yeah, she’s still here.”

Yumehara got the hint and ran off; giggling.

Saiki opened his bag and pulled out a container, “Oh yeah, and in case you’re still mad, I got you a coffee jelly.”

“Are you a God?!?” Mera asked.  She began to drool and spoke again, “Don’t worry we can share it at lunch!”

Saiki nodded, “Okay, I-“

“Kusuo” a voice yelled.  Saiki turned to see his parents standing by the school; along with his group of friends.

His dad continued, “That’s enough flirting, you two!” he chuckled.

His mother had tears in her eyes, “My Kuu’s first sweetheart!  Kuu, bring her over so we can meet our new daughter-in-law!”

Mera blushed while still eyeing the jelly, “Daughter-in-law?”

Saiki was still focused on his parents, “Yeah, sorry.  My parents can be kind of over-the-top.”

“Mmm hmm,” he heard Mera say.  Saiki turned to see that the coffee jelly was gone, “Huh?  Where’s the coffee jelly?”

 “No idea,” Mera said turned away from Saiki with blush on her face and her mouth stuffed.


A/N: Well thanks for taking this ride with me guys!  Even if you aren’t a fan of this shipping, I still appreciate a read and review!  I-

Saiki: Stop kissing up!

BT: I’m not!  I’m being grateful!

Saiki: Well either way, you made me really OOC!  This is probably not how I’d act!

BT: But aren’t you happy?

Saiki: ( Pulls out wallet with a picture of Mera hanging on his arm; the two are smiling) …I’m not unhappy…

BT: Ah Ha!  I-

*Bright Flash!  Four boys appear!*

Brendan: There you are, BT!

Saiki: Who the hell are you?

Lucas: We’re from BT’s other story: Pokémon Takeover Game Genie on *Smiles at audience and winks.*  So is this what you’ve been working on instead of our new chapter?

BT: Sorry guys!  I’ve been busy!

Calem: I told you he was a loser.

BT: Ouch..

Wally: H-Hey try to ease up on him; he’s trying.

Saiki: These guys are nuts.

Brendan: Oh hey uh…Saiki was it?  We need more people for our crossover special; wanna be in?

Saiki: What do I get?

Lucas: Friendship?

Saiki: No.

Wally: A-All you can eat coffee jelly.

Saiki: Okay, I’m in.  We’ll talk soon.

BT: Way to get along guys!

*The five boys look at each other*

Calem: Want to get back at the author?

Saiki: Yeah sure.

*Saiki’s eyes glow and the ground rips apart.  Four trainers grab BT*

BT: HEY!  What are you-

*Throw BT into the ground*


*Ground closes up and Saiki’s eyes stop glowing*

Brendan: Good; I hate that guy!

Saiki: Yeah, me too.

Calem: Even the man with 3 H’s would approve of how buried this young promising talent.

*The five boys look at audience, give a cheesy smile, and a thumbs up*

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