My Secret Hero

Saiki K. Fic: (Saiki x Mera). I had no idea where else to put this so...: Well there's one who draws attention and one who's obsessed with me. But the other one gives me Coffee Jelly; I guess if it's her, then I...


1. Friends With PSIki?!?


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Saiki Kusuo.  I’d like to tell you that I’m just a normal high school student, but the fact of the matter is that I can’t do that due to my psychic powers; for more on this, please read “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” The pink haired boy monologued.

“Hey pal, let’s see if they have any ramen here on the island!” said the rather terrifying man with the blonde Mohawk.

Leave me alone, Nendou,” Saiki thought while continuing to read his book in the room they were staying in; there was one other boy in the room.

“I just hope there’s no evil lurking.  Stay on your toes boys; you never know when Dark Reunion could strike at us,” the white haired boy with the bandages on his hand said.

Keep your paranoid ideas to yourself, Kaidou” Saiki thought to himself.  “The sad part is these two aren’t the worst people I have to deal with on this school trip:”

Cut To Other Room

There are three girls sitting in the room.  One with short brown hair tied with a kerchief-head wrap, one girl who with blue hair (the girl herself had a glowing aura surrounding her), and the last girl had maroon-colored hair, glasses, and appeared to be nibbling on a bread roll from the previous night.

The bluenette spoke first, “I wonder what the guys are up to.”  She giggled, “Of course they’re probably thinking about me since I’m so perfect; me, Teruhashi!  If only Saiki would see that….that mysterious jerk!”

The girl with the short brown hair smiled, “Yeah, we should try to find them and meet up today; we have the whole day to ourselves today; no set schedule.”  She thought to herself, “And maybe I’ll get the chance to finally talk to sweet Saiki, you can do it, Chiyo.

The two girls looked at the last girl who was still nibbling on the bread roll.  “What do you want to do, Mera?”

Mera gave the two girls a confused look while the roll was still in her mouth, “Maybe if we see the boys, they know of a good restaurant.”  Yumehara and Teruhashi both sweatdropped.

Back With Saiki

Saiki sighed, “Well maybe I should look on the bright side, since we’re in a group together, I can keep an eye on them if they get into trouble,” Saiki thought.

“Hey guys, it’s almost time for dinner; we should go!” Kaidou suggested.

At Dinner

The three boys sat at their table and noticed the food laid out for them; there was rice, beans, pork, and a whole other assortment of cuisines.  Teruhashi, Yumehara, and Mera attempted to sit across from them.

Teruhashi smiled, “Now, I can sit across from Saiki and finally make him say,”

Fantasy Saiki: ‘Oh, w-wow Teruhashi!’ 

“This’ll be perfect!” Teruhashi thought.

Yumehara smiled as she thought, “Now I can sit across from Saiki and make him say”:

Fantasy Saiki: ‘This meal will be special thanks to you Chiyo; my heart is full of bliss.’

Just In Love

“This’ll be perfect,” Yumehara added.  Yumehara and Teruhashi both began walking towards when suddenly, an army of boys swarmed the three girls.

 “Teruhashi, sit with us,” a boy said. 

“No, sit with us Teruhashi,” another boy said.

More boys continued to swarm the girls continuing to talk to Teruhashi, at this time Nendou and Kaidou began to go after almost all of the food on the table; luckily Saiki had his own plate.

Once again, Teruhashi’s popularity has backfired on her,” Saiki thought.

Teruhashi and Yumehara escaped and decided to head back to their rooms and have some snacks instead, while several boys followed them.

Mera, who was the only girl in the group left, managed to make it to Saiki’s table and saw that all the food was gone; her heart sank.

“Aw, the main reason I wanted to go on this trip was the food, and now it’s gone…I guess it’s back to bread crumbs and beansprouts,” she said with extreme disappointment in her voice.

Saiki sighed, “Wow, I actually feel a little bad.  It’s almost as if the universe is out to get her.  Personally, I’m not all that hungry so-“

Mera looked across the table at Saiki and noticed what he was doing, “Huh?  Saiki?”  She watched as Saiki scrapped half of the food on his plate, scrape it onto a separate plate, and push it towards her.

Mera’s eyes lit up, “OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU SO MUCH SAIKI; YOU’RE INCREDIBLE!” she squealed as she stuffed her face.

Saiki nodded, “Good grief, I guess someone in her position has an excuse for being so excited, but still didn’t think she’d be so aggressive with the food.

Saiki began to eat his food in peace when he heard someone’s thought, “Saiki is so nice!  I’m so happy we’re friends.”

Saiki’s eyes widened when he heard Mera’s thought.  He looked at her as she continued to attack her meal, a small smile crept across his face, “Well I suppose out of everyone I put up with, she could be a lot worse,” he thought.  Little did Saiki notice, his likability for Mera and vice-versa just went up.

A Few Hours Later

Saiki, Kaidou, and Nendou were relaxing in the bath (spring, whatever).

Good grief, with saving the plane, and stopping the typhoon, I’m exhausted,” Saiki thought as he settled into the water.

“Hey pal, you look exhausted,” Nendou exclaimed.

Kaidou spoke next, “Yeah, well it’s been an exhausting day; we weren’t even sure we’d make it here.  Hopefully we won’t have to deal with any suspicious figures; be ready to fight them off Saiki.”

Just when I thought you’d be normal, you resort to Chuunibyou status.  You’re the worst,” Saiki thought.

Nendou goofily laughed, “Do you guys like bubbles?”

Don’t even think about it!”

Suddenly Saiki sensed something on the other side, “Should probably try to see what’s going on.”  He then crossed his eyes, “Clairvoyance.


“Cuts to the other side of the baths as three girls are heard screaming, “You perverts!  AAAH!”  There is a splash of water and male screams are heard as well.


“I’ll save you,” Nendou screamed while getting out of the baths and running towards the entrance where the other side was.  More screams were heard.

“Hmph, what an idiot,” Kaidou said.

For once we’re in agreement.  He could’ve at least grabbed a towel,” Saiki sighed.

“I-I just don’t want any other those girls to see me here,” Kaidou said nervously.

What happened to that confidence,” Saiki thought, shaking his head.  “I should probably get out.

Saiki got out of the water, put on a towel, and headed toward the entrance.  He changed into his gym clothes; suddenly he heard Nendou’s voice, “Sorry, I thought you were in trouble.”

“NENDOU,” several voices screamed.  Saiki immediately teleported.

On the Beach

Saiki suddenly appeared on the beach; he laid on the sand and sighed, “Geez, it’s only the first day and it’s been exhausting.  At least I have some nice peace and quiet.”

Saiki looked around at the stars and the waves of the ocean, “It’s actually pretty peaceful; very relaxing.

“Saiki?” said a familiar voice.  Saiki turned to see Mera looking at him.

Good grief, someone else,” he thought.

Mera walked towards Saiki and sat down, “Mind if I join you?  It’s just so nice out.”

There was silence for a moment, “To think we almost didn’t make it here.  I was so worried; I thought it was going to be cancelled thanks to that typhoon,” Mera said.

Yeah, thanks for reminding me,” Saiki sarcastically thought.

Mera sighed, “I’m so happy though, I’ve been working even more hours lately.  I remember I was booked solid…and then I saw you when I was walking home, oddly enough, a little while later, the newspaper, construction crew, and café called and said I didn’t have to come in.  And come to think of it, when you came into the café that one time, Matsuzaki Sensei let me slide about my job.  Funny huh?”

Saiki rolled his eyes, “Yeah, hilarious.  Hopefully she doesn’t figure out that-“

“It’s kind of like you’re my good luck charm,” Mera giggled.  “I mean a lot of good stuff happens when I hang out around you so it makes sense.”

I doubt she’s onto me, but just in case,” Saiki thought as his eyes began to flash.

“Oh wow,” Mera said looking up at the sky.  Saiki looked up to see that there were several shooting stars that were passing by as the two watched.

Thank goodness I pulled that out,” Saiki thought.  Mera closed her eyes and smiled.  After a few moments, the two teens stood up.

“We should probably head back.  It’s getting late; we don’t want people to worry,” Mera stated.

The two headed back to the hotel they were staying at and found themselves at Mera’s room.  “Well, this is my stop.  Thanks for walking me, Saiki!” Mera said.

Saiki nodded, “Well it saved me from putting up with Teruhashi and the others so-“

Saiki was cut off by Mera hugging him, “I’ll see you tomorrow, ‘kay?”  Saiki was surprised by this (even though he could probably read her mind at this point), but gave in and hugged her back.  She entered the room and waved goodbye at him.

Geez, Mera has it rough,” Saiki thought.  “Once this trip is over, it’s back to working nonstop.  I guess I’ll just have to help make this trip the best days of her life.  Not cause we’re ‘friends’ but simply because it’s the right thing to do.”  He walked off, “Good grief, what a pain!”

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