Foreign Kiss

A young male sailing through the ocean hoping to land in America attempting to escape Cuba's harsh ways (No offense to Cuba) after doing so he meets an mixed girl on a trip she helps him
lol sorry a lot of spoilers


3. Sick and Tired

He'd been tired of wobbling side to side he felt like crap he threw up shaking his head groaning he was headed to America "Mamá tengo miedo" he said thinking of his deceased mother holding his head low he looked up seeing the stormy clouds he clasped his hands together and prayed he laid down in the boat and fell asleep. His sleep became rough the boat rocked uncontrollably fear head die he panicked he escaped the boat and saved himself from the wrath of lightning, he was afraid and he missed his Family tears spilled down his cheeks. He grabbed a small board from the leftover boat he knew he couldn't swim fear made him want to turn back, made him want to let go of the board. But..he couldn't for he was to create offspring

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