Foreign Kiss

A young male sailing through the ocean hoping to land in America attempting to escape Cuba's harsh ways (No offense to Cuba) after doing so he meets an mixed girl on a trip she helps him
lol sorry a lot of spoilers


2. Downright Cute

She giggled listening to his seductive voice, she checked her watch she had about twenty more minutes. She smiled at his handsome face he was downright cute, too cute. Actually one of the cutest guys at her school. Why would he ask her out? She was just the short mixed girl who everyone thought was a freshman because of her height. "You look cute." She blushed in acknowledgement to the guy's compliment  He called me cute she thought The lunch bell rang ending her fantasies "See you after the trip!" He said as he left. She sighed to herself and headed for the buses


From Axel: IK it's weird for a dude to be writing like this but anyway I'll add two chapters everyday thx guys


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