Our Home (Foxy x reader)

You didn't even want the job, but your family needed money. You've heard the stories, seen the proof. The one who scares you the most though, is Foxy. Oddly though, he makes no move to hurt you. He merely stands outside your door keeping watch. But when the attacks happen, he makes no move against you, instead he helps you. Is there possibly more to this anamatronic fox then meets the eye?


3. The first night

A/N: Sorry if this chapter is not as long as one might like but it only is a filler. I promise to make it up to you in the next update.


_Your pov_

I walk into my office as a recording plays. I don't pay attention to it though. I know what to expect. I will survive the night on my own. Picking up the tablet, I flip through the cameras ensuring that everyone is in their place. I sigh gratefully when I finish. Only to remember that I forgot Foxy. I flick through the cameras again until I find him fighting with Chica. He seems to be winning despite his state, and the fact that Chica was slightly bigger. He knocks Chica out, if that is really possible, and grins into the camera before darting off. I glance out the window in fear. Bad idea. Two figures stand just outside my window. I recognize the form of Foxy, small against the figure beside him, Bonnie. My heart rate speeds. I close my eyes to await what fate surely has in store, only it didn't come. I open my eyes and they are gone. What just happened? 

I turn back to the cameras and proceed to flick through them until I hear a screech from my left. My heart pounds when I see Freddy right in my doorway. A scream rips out of my throat.

_Foxy's pov_

I had to keep (Y/N) safe. Therefore I had to fight with Chica and Bonnie. "What the heck!" Bonnie screeches at me when I drag him from the night guard office.  

"Let's not kill the lass just yet. Let's have a bit o' fun with 'er first." I lie smoothly. "Lets make 'er insane first." My voice cracks but it sounds like my voice box. I hope it is my voice box, I can't fall for a human when I'm an animatronic. Even if I am still part man spirit-wise.

"That doesn't sound half bad." Bonnie says. "I'm in." He grins showing his teeth. Then I hear a scream.


Shit, I forgot about Freddy. Me and Bonnie both dart down the hall as Freddy advances towards the door. Wait. I skid to a stop before we reach him. Bonnie jumps on him when I stop. The power isn't out yet, so why is Freddy out and about? Bonnie gets Freddy near enough for me to yank them out and toss them across the hall in my daze.

They clank to the ground.

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