Our Home (Foxy x reader)

You didn't even want the job, but your family needed money. You've heard the stories, seen the proof. The one who scares you the most though, is Foxy. Oddly though, he makes no move to hurt you. He merely stands outside your door keeping watch. But when the attacks happen, he makes no move against you, instead he helps you. Is there possibly more to this anamatronic fox then meets the eye?


1. New Job

_Your pov_

I look up at the sign to my new workplace, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I sigh. I don't want to work here really, I've heard the stories, I've seen the proof. I am not suicidal, but my family needs money since my slut for a mother refuses to work. Only sleep with the worst of men. I plaster a fake smile on my face and step through the automatic door. "Ah!" I jump at the sight of the huge golden bear in the entryway.

"W-welcome to F-f-Freddy Fazbear's P-pizza." It glitches. I chuckle darkly to myself. So much for a brave face.

"What's so funny, mate?" A male voice says from behind me. I turn, grabbing my pepper spray in the process. I see a boy around my age with crimson hair past his shoulders and brilliant eyes that held a gold tint.

"I spooked myself, that's all." I say looking down as heat floods my face.

"Well then. Might I introduce me self to the lady who gets a kick outta scaring 'erself." He says chuckling. I giggle at his accent. I notice that he has a hook over his one hand. Probably for some kid's party. I nod. "Well then lass, me name is Fox, James P. Fox." 

"I'm (Y/N)." You say. 

"Well miss, good luck." He says brushing past me. Maybe this job won't be to god awful bad if there are people like that working here.  

_Foxy's pov_

I hear a girl chuckle darkly as I walk in the restaurant. I walk up behind her. No one notices me. That's the good part about being cut off from the rest of the house band, I can roam freely in my (somewhat) human form. 

"What's so funny, mate?" I ask, my pirate accent weaving through my words. She jumps slightly and spins, aiming some kind of container at me. I watch how her (e/c) eyes sparkle and her (h/l) (h/c) hair swirls around her face becomingly. I knock myself out of my daydreams at her voice.

"-ooked myself, that's all." She was saying. I chuckle lightly when she blushes.

"Well then. Might I introduce me self to that gets a kick outta scaring 'erself?" I say while still chuckling. She giggles and nods. "Well then lass, me name is Fox, James P. Fox."

"I'm (Y/N)." She blushes a little deeper.

That's when I see the fact that she needs a bad amount of sleep. I realize that this is the new night guard. "Well miss," I keep my voice steady and somewhat carefree. "Good luck." I brush past her into the restaurant. I bump into the manager.

"Foxy?" He says, surprised. "What are you doing."

"What does it look like to ye? I'm interacting with the kiddies." I grin goofily. "Since I can't interact as an anamatronic, then I'm gonna take me other form."

"Get yourself back to Pirate's Cove, you hear." He pushes me towards my home. I comply only because I'm gonna get to see (Y/N) tonight. I trot back and feel a wing snake around my waist when I'm out of sight.

"Hey! What in Davey Jones locker is ye doing!" I yell at Chica. She turns me around. 

"Naughty naughty." She clucks. Stupid chicken. "What's the little fox doing out during work hours? Shouldn't you be hidden away like you have been for the past twenty-nine years?"


"Fuck off Chica." I snap, my elated mood gone.

"Only if you swear not to kill the new guard. She. Is. Mine. I will kill this one and add to our family. Unlike you." Chica brings her face close to mine. She is right though. I had made sure the last five guys were dead before the others got to them. Only because I didn't want them to have the same fate as me. No one pays attention to old Foxy.

"What ever lass." I say. Not really planning to anyway. This lass was different. She interests me.  "Now put me down ye oversized chicken." She flings me against the door for the parts and service room. I groan in pain that rockets up my spine. I hear voices from a little ways past the stage. Scrambling, I barely made it in time to change into my anamatronic form before (Y/N) and the manager walk in. I can see the tension on her face as she looks at me. So she has heard about that day. I mentally curse myself and my jealousy. Slowly she walks towards me. ' I will not hurt her. I will not hurt her.' I chant in my head. She stops in front of me and stares in my eyes the best she could. I lower my head just enough to look in her (e/c) eyes.

"You can't be to bad can you?" She mutters. Slowly she begins to circle me, stopping at my hook. She begins to stroke my hook. She shivers when I brush my arm against her. "Will you talk to me?"

"Of course lass." I say softly. "Me boss just don't like me to."

"Oh. Well you can talk to me. I don't mind." She says absentmindedly. "I like your accent."

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