Our Home (Foxy x reader)

You didn't even want the job, but your family needed money. You've heard the stories, seen the proof. The one who scares you the most though, is Foxy. Oddly though, he makes no move to hurt you. He merely stands outside your door keeping watch. But when the attacks happen, he makes no move against you, instead he helps you. Is there possibly more to this anamatronic fox then meets the eye?


2. Author's Note. VERY IMPORTANT! READ!

Now before we get any further into the story I want to say that I do not know too awful much about the fnaf fandom so bear with me. I do not know if foxy was human before he was an anamatronic but in this story he was, that's the only was I can think up for the bite of '87. Thanks, oh and foxy's human name for the first few chapters is James. DO NOT ASK. IVE ALWAYS LOVED THE NAME.

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