12 girls. All put into an arena to fight to the death. Who is behind all of this and why did it have to be these 12 girls? Friendships are made and so are enemies. What will happen in Lost?


3. Winter

Chapter 3


No one knows me, other then as ‘The Hippy’. The girl who loves flowers and peace signs, the girl with no friends…
That’s me. I love life and I love flowers, nature, all things green. Well accept fungi. I don’t like my life that much though. And normally I wish I didn’t exist. My flowers are my only friends. I talk to them a lot. As of right now. I have skipped school for 3 days. No one knows where I am. And they never will. Sure they will be worried about me, but eventually they will move on. I have dream visions. I know what your thinking. This girl is crazy! Well I’m not, at least not that I know of…

So I had one 3 nights ago, of me getting sent to the principals office, she gave me, or who ever I was in the dream, a note about me (or the girl) having to leave to battle to the death in Washington DC. I live in Oregon. So I fled, I am hiding in the hills near the Pacific. I will not be found. I can’t be. I want to die, that’s true, but not in the hands of plant-killing fiends. I will stay alive as long as I can. I am seriously considering jumping off this cliff a few miles away. But I won’t. I will keep forging my way through till I get to the port. Where I can board a boat and sail somewhere, anywhere. But away from this dreaded place. I left at midnight. My mom was asleep. I went into her room and gave her a kiss. I made her a note but hid it in the kitchen. She will find it eventually. This isn’t the first time I’ve ran away. I am very hungry, tired, and cold. I am right now under my jacket and it’s about 9 at night. I’m staring over the edge of a small cliff and hanging my feet over the edge now. If I bend down a little more I could just reach a small ledge. Jusssstt, almmmossstttt, Nope. Not this time at least. Maybe if I jump off in the morning i’ll grab onto that ledge, just so I can have a few seconds to rethink what i’m doing before I let go. I’m climbing up off the ground and sleeping in another tree tonight. This time it’s a pine so it’s tall. I strapped myself in last night. I’ll do it again. Wow this is supprrrrriiissinglllyyyy conmfffyyyyyy. *yawn* Goodnightttttt……

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