12 girls. All put into an arena to fight to the death. Who is behind all of this and why did it have to be these 12 girls? Friendships are made and so are enemies. What will happen in Lost?


1. Rose


Chapter 1


Massachusetts was always cold, I mean, unless there was a heat wave from below which is very unlikely. Nobody at my school liked me. I had next to 0 friends.

I got good grades in school, but that varied. Today was an average day, or so I thought. Not much happens in the town of Gosnold. Yes it’s a real town. It’s just so small that the population is 75. I go to a 2 room school. Literally. So I walked into the hall between the classrooms and shivered. It was cold as usual and I forgot a jacket, per usual. I had in my small cheap earbuds I got at the dollar store. I was listening to 1950’s jazz. I was in 8th grade. There were 8 other 8th graders in my grade besides me. I was the odd one out. You're probably wondering, do small school houses still have popular people? The answer is yes and let’s just say, I’m not one of them. I walked into class and, have you ever thought that if you listen to music it makes you see things in a different light. My class is 10 Kinders, 9 1st graders, 2 second graders, 4 3rd, 5 4th, 6 5th, 3 6th, 7 7th, and then 9 8th graders. The classroom was relatively large but since we were split into two rooms it didn’t have to fit 55 kids, only about 27 to 28. I walked in and my music changed my point of view. It looked as if the whole room seemed brighter, kinder, nicer. I walked to the teacher's desk and grabbed a jolly rancher. I then walked past the cutest guy in school, smiled a signature smile and sat in the back seat. He didn’t look up from his phone. I sighed a heavy sigh and slunk into my chair. I turned off my music and started to pay attention. Our school just recently got one of those announcement boxes that project all over the school. So we listen as the “morning announcements” come on. They are told by Marissa, the most popular girl in school.

“Hi there, class.” She said from somewhere other than the classroom. “Today, we hoped you packed your lunch cause we still don’t have that cafeteria yet! Also, today’s weather is sunny with a slight chance of rain.” Everyone looks outside at this point and it’s, of course, pouring.

Marissa starts again a little agitated.

“I meant, totally cloudy and 100% chance of rain. Sorry. Also in the news today, we heard that someone tried to infiltrate the white house!” Cue gasps around the room.

“ I know, scary. The president said it’s under control but who knows. Let’s listen into the podcast.” We wait for a second then hear a fuzzy but male voice come on over the loud-speaker.

“Today at the white house, we are waiting to hear from the president that the bandits have been extinguished.” He said as if the burglars were bugs. “We have no knowledge of the attack for now but hope that we….” Suddenly the podcast gets cut off. We hear some rustling and then it appears Marissa gets it working again but now there’s a different voice.

“Attention citizens, the president has decided to agree with Japan’s terms as to having a fight with twelve girls from the USA and twelve from Japan. The girls will be randomly drawn. There will be some more news on this later in the day.”

This is where everyone is supposed to panic but for some reason everyone was in shock about what they just heard. We just sat there like flies. Finally I stood up and just walked out into the hall. No one said anything to me. I grabbed my bag with me and was about to leave the school, to go home and tell my parents. Then I realized it was raining. I turned around and Marissa was running up to me.

“Rose you can’t leave. I need to tell you something important.” She exclaimed.

“What.” I said annoyed.

“I got a letter from “City Council” saying that the white house just sent an email to pick one person's name out of a hat for our town and that person goes to Washington D.C, to um, fight to the death or something. Idk, but you’ve been picked to go…” She concluded. I stood in the hall still.

“It’s a misunderstanding.” I finally said. “I’m not going.” and with that I walked out the door of the school into the rain, getting soaked the moment I stepped into it. I walked down the road, trying to see through down-pour. My house was at least a mile away. I was about half way there when I tripped and fell in a mud puddle.

“Great. Just great!” I muttered. I tried to stand up but  i couldn’t get out of the puddle. It was almost like,

“Quicksand!” I whispered to no one in particular.

Of course it wasn’t, I mean, not completely. I finally grabbed a branch next to me and pushed myself out of the puddle. I continued walking but I swore someone was following me. I kept looking behind me. Nothing there.

Nothing there. I thought.

I finally reached my house. My dad was stuck inside since it was raining because he couldn’t be out in the backyard with the hogs. Yes we had hogs, I know what your thinking.

“Mom, dad?”I yelled out.

No answer.

Then I felt it. Someone’s presence in the room. I whipped around. Nothing was there. I whipped back around. And then someone grabbed my mouth.

“Lert meh gerr!” I yelled into the hand over my mouth.

“Shh, you don’t want your parents to find out that your brother’s outside in this.” the voice said.

“Mrr brrthrr?” I asked, confused.

“Yes you idiot. Your brother. Now you're going to go out and get him then come back inside and go upstairs to your room. Close the door when you get there. If you don’t then he won’t live to get inside.”

“Yes serr.” I said into the hand. Who ever it was let go. I whipped around to see who was there, but there was no one behind me. I heard the stairs creek and just barely caught the glimpse of a shoe going up. I walked out back to the barn to get my brother Max. I opened the door and the animals went wild.

“Max?” I asked into the darkness.

“Rose is that you?” Someone asked back.

“Yes Max of course it’s me now get out here.” I yell into the darkness.

“Coming.” Except it wasn’t Max who immerged. It was a man in a black suit with Max attached to his left arm.

“I’m sorry Rose. Help me Please.” Max said and reached out his hand. I just turned and ran. Out the barn door and down to the sidewalk through the rain. I looked before I crossed the street and went to run but right when I got into the street, headlights came from the right of me. I just stood there and held my breath. The car slammed on it’s brakes and someone got out.

“Rose? Get in the car now. You are in so much trouble!” I realized it was my principal. I was totally ok with getting in the car but then I remembered Max.

“Rose now! Rose look out!” She screamed.

Someone’s hand closed around my eyes and mouth and I was dragged away. The last thing I saw was a small drawing in the sand being washed away. It said ‘Max and Rose, Bf…’ The last part had been washed away. I started to cry.



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