12 girls. All put into an arena to fight to the death. Who is behind all of this and why did it have to be these 12 girls? Friendships are made and so are enemies. What will happen in Lost?


6. Pearl


Chapter 6


When my mom came in, I was analysing my photos I had took from the day. I have this thing where I take a specific type of photos each day then, I hang them in a specific area in my room. Today was ‘stuff that makes me angry’ day. I laid out all of the photos from today.

There was a picture of the cute guy I like, Sam, first. It was from this morning and he was standing with a girl about my height and they were holding hands. I had no idea who she was but I was mad the second I saw them. I snapped the picture really quick so it was a little blurry on the edges.

The next snap was of my math homework from last night. I thought I did it right and I was super proud of it until I saw I got them ALL wrong. I snapped this under my desk without the teacher noticing.

The next picture was of Sam again during 3rd period. He managed to be so cute that all the girls I managed to capture around him were all staring RIGHT at him. It proved why I was mad.

The 4th one was lunch and I was sitting across the table from him outside. I got him to look at me by saying,

    “Sam, smile!” And he looked at me and smiled his best smile and then looked away. I captured it.

The next picture was an under-the-table shot of him and that girl holding hands again. They sat at my table in study hall. I was on the brim of dying there.

And then the last picture, which I hated the most: Him and the girl, after school. KISSING. I practically blew up before I could take the picture. I was so mad. I hung them up on my wall just as my mom was walking in. She came over and studied what I had put up. This was her idea because she wanted to see what was making me mad/sad/all emotions. I agreed only because I got to bring my camera to school. She looked through them.

“Well, this boy must really make you mad.” She said half way through the batch. She had seen the 'holding hands under the table' picture. Then she saw the kissing one, and finally realised after this whole ‘mad’ wall that had been made what Sam was.

“Oh.” She said slowly. “So you like him…?”

“Yeah…” I said slower.

“Honey, he is a cute boy. What’s his name?” She asked. I hesitated before saying,

“Sam.” Cue my mom gasping.

“Sam?! As in Sam from all of elementary?” My mom practically shouted before jumping up and down. “I knew that you liked him! I’ve been waiting for you to admit it for years!”

I looked at her like she was crazy.

“So, what did you need?” I asked. Suddenly, she became solemn.

“Honey, a letter came in the mail. Apparently, you’re going to DC.” My mom said slowly.

“Why?” I asked. I didn’t mind, I loved DC.

“The government has a, uh well, I don’t know exactly but, You have to go and I think your going to Japan to, uh…” Here, she burst into tears.

“Mom what’s wrong?” I asked concerned.

“They said that you will have to,” Sniff. “Fight to the death!”

And with that, my mom hugged me tightly. I didn’t understand what was going on.

“I love you.”

“I love you too mom…”


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