12 girls. All put into an arena to fight to the death. Who is behind all of this and why did it have to be these 12 girls? Friendships are made and so are enemies. What will happen in Lost?


10. Opal

Chapter 10


I had just finished my term for spring break. It was the first day back at school. We had our spring break earlier than others so ours ended on exactly the 2nd of April. I was getting ready to pack up. I slowly put my binders in my bag. I was half dancing to my music that was blaring through my speakers and half packing up my stuff. I slowly started sing.

“Give your all to me, i’ll give my all to you. You're my end and my beginning….” I sighed slowly. I had recently just broken up with my boyfriend. I still loved him though. He was perfect, until he cheated on me. I did the most logical thing at the time: Slapped him and walked away. Now I missed him so much. I couldn’t tell if I was happy I was going to see him or not. I finished putting my stuff in my bag and set it on my bed.

“Cause you give me all of you…” I sang slowly. I sighed once more. This was our song. I finished packing my bag and zipped the zipper. Suddenly I heard a huge bang downstairs.

“Mom?” I shouted. I quickly ran down the stairs before stopping at the bottom. Someone was in the living room, and it wasn’t my mother. I slowly backed up the stairs. One by one, one foot after the other.  I was halfway up before the man said something.

“Opal?” I heard him question. I slowly continued up the steps. “Don’t run. There’s no use. Look behind you.” I heard him say. I slowly turned my head to see another man behind me. I jumped down the stairs and was glad I had on my combat boots and jeans. I walked up behind the man and stopped. I had my hand on my switchblade in my pocket.

“Gag her John.” he said slowly, going through my drawers in my living room. I felt ‘John’ attempt to stick something over my head. I pulled out my switchblade and felt him jerk back as I shot it back towards his hip.

“Ouch! Boss!” I heard John say.

“What you idiot?” John’s boss slowly turned around. I had my switchblade in hand and John cowering behind me. “Oh so you’re equipped. Your lucky. They might let you keep that.” he said coldly.  

“What do you want?” I sneered.

Why today? I think. It could have been any day but today?

“You’re coming with us. Your mother already signed the consent forms. Go pack your bags.” he told me. I just walked up the stairs. I grabbed my runaway bag and jumped out my window in my room down to the ground. I landed in a roll. I stood up to see John in front of me. He looked at me interested and then grabbed my arm.

“You have to.” he told me. I just gave up there. He took me to a black bus outside my house and slammed me inside. “Should’ve packed when you had the chance.” The door slammed shut and the bus took off.


Sorry this is short but I'm just happy I got it updated. So I'm not sure if I'm going to be continuing this but I hope so. I've got a lot of books i'm writing right now and this is at the bottom of my list. I am so happy that we hit 1000! Thank you guys so much for reading! See you all soon.

-Willow <3

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