12 girls. All put into an arena to fight to the death. Who is behind all of this and why did it have to be these 12 girls? Friendships are made and so are enemies. What will happen in Lost?


7. Coral

Chapter 7



I sat by the brook writing in my journal. I was listening to the frogs croaking, and the birds chirping. I had just started an entry and was trying to soak up the time. I didn’t want to leave my brook yet, but I would be leaving today so I had to do what I had to do.


Hi there, Journal. It’s me as always. I wanted to tell you either goodbye or well, I’m not really sure… I think that, well, according to this letter in the mail that I have been picked to go to Japan because there is a game going on where I think I have to fight to the death. There is an arena and everything… I’m super scared. I think I’ll be writing in here while I’m there or, at least I’ll try. I found the letter in the mailbox. I was getting the mail for my mistress, well you know her as my mother but… yeah. It was addressed to me, and I was confused cause I have no friends whatsoever. I opened it and read it. It said,


“Dear parents of Coral Montiéu,

Your daughter has been picked to go to Japan to fight for our country. She has no choice. We will pick her up at exactly 10:30 am at your house on the 2nd of April. Say your goodbyes. There is no guarantee she will be coming back.

Thank you,

US Government


It’s April second, 6 in the morning. I am planing to stay here until I have to go. I can’t wait to leave here, but yet I still want to stay. I hate being a servant. Well, I’m off to enjoy nature. See you soon. I will write to you later when we are on our way.

Au revoir,



I put down my book slowly on my lap and appreciated the moon reflecting onto the water. I looked in at the fish that were swimming in circles there.

I wished I could be with them.

I slowly stood and then sat down once again with my feet out from under me. I took off my sandals and laid them in the dense mud next to me. I stuck my feet in the water and watched as the fish scurried away. The cold water was very refreshing on my feet. I slowly leaned back and took off my jacket laying it behind me, laid down, and drifted off to sleep.




“Coral Montiéu! You better not be down at the creek, girl!” my mother screeched, awakening me from my dream. I couldn’t remember what it was. I then blinked and looked around me. It was really light out, and that’s when I realized: It was at least 9:30, and I was in my pajamas, my hair all ratty, and my feet soaked. I quickly picked up my sandals and my jacket and ran inside.

“Coming mis–I mean, mom!” I yelled. I called her mistress only when I was alone.

I walked into the house with my feet muddy, and a scream emitted from my mistress’s mouth.

“MUD?!” she screamed. “Get in the shower! NOW!”

I ran to the shower and got in. I washed my hair super quick, and then got out of the shower. I put on the nicest clothes I had: A black t-shirt and jeans. I then packed my bag and slowly walked to the door. There was a grey bus outside. I looked at my mistress and then for the first time I felt something I’ve never felt before.

“I love you, Coral,” my mother said.

“I-I love you too…” I swallowed. “Mom.”

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