The Dark

Tallulah Woods family disappeared (somewhat ironically) in the Dark Woods years ago. She now lives with her aging grandmother and lives a solitary life, only talking to her mysterious neighbor. In a land where there is no day and there is only darkness, candles are the only option. But when something tragic happens, and a wondering Tallulah ends up the one places she doesn't want to be, where she is encased in darkness, what will happen?


2. 2.

"Lulah." Gwendolyn sighed, and she used the nickname that only she called Tallulah. No one else really cared enough to call her anything else.  They sat on Gwen's doorstep. Gwen was dressed in light gray while Tallulah was dressed in a sort of brown color. Gwen leaned against the wall and Tallulah sat sideways in the doorway, her feet propped up against the other side of the door. She faced Gwen. Between them was a weak and flickering candle.

"Gwen." Tallulah said with equal annoyance that matched Gwen's. 

"Your grandmothers doing her best." 

"I'm doing my best, she's taking my best and making it the worst."

"That is a confusing statement." 

"It's a true statement." Tallulah said. 

"She's old. Give her a break. She probably went through what you are going through." 

"I wouldn't know if she did." Tallulah said briefly. "She doesn't really talk to me." 

"Well..." Gwen thought for a moment, "Sit down with her and just ask her to talk. She can't say no." Tallulah didn't want to talk about her grandmother anymore. 

"How is He?" Tallulah asked.

"We are both very good." Gwen said, smiling slightly. 

"What's His name?" Tallulah asked again. 

"We've been thinking about Ceremony." Gwen said, once more ignoring Tallulah. 

"Why can't you tell me his name?" Tallulah pleaded. 

"Lulah..." Gwen said, somewhat pleadingly and somewhat annoyed. 

"Gwennie." Tallulah said back. 



"You know why."

"I don't know why."

"Lulah...please?" Tallulah barely saw someone on the street. She thought she saw the darker figure wandering around. Perhaps it was a friend of her Grandmother's. The figure walked up to the worn door. Tallulah sighed. Gwendolyn watched too.

"I best be going." Tallulah said and pushed herself up. Her shadow towered over Gwen, who looked weaker in the darkness. Gwen was strong. She was tall and had dark hair. She was wise and intelligent. She was everything that Tallulah had hoped to be as a child. 

"Goodbye, dear." Gwen said and stood. She went over and wrapped Tallulah in her warmth. Tallulah liked Gwen's hugs. They were warm and strong and happy. In a moment too soon, Tallulah was walking towards her house. All she wanted to do was to pester Gwendolyn into telling her His name. She wanted to tease someone and to joke with someone. Tallulah sighed again and stumbled in the street. She cursed and Gwen laughed from her door. Tallulah walked towards the light next to the door to her house. She opened the door and close it behind her. 

The house was silent. Where was her grandmother and the guest? Tallulah walked up the stairs to her Grandmother's room. It was empty. Hurriedly, she rushed down stairs and checked the kitchen, the sofa, everywhere else. Last of all, she checked her room. It was empty. Tallulah screamed scared and annoyed, into the house. The waited a moment. No response.

She went downstairs, to the door, took the candle and walked around the house, a hand up to keep the flame alive. She walked up the stairs. Into her room. She walked into her grandmother's room. The candle flickered and light orange light illuminated the room. 

What she saw, she didn't want to see. Tallulah screamed. 

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