The Collection

One shots from my remaining fandoms.
Requests are open here, too.
[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


8. Won with cards II [Lemon]

You heard Claude letting out a deep growl and when he moved farther up you felt a slight bulge pressing against you. You wondered if your or your master’s sight caused it but the train of thoughts was harshly interrupted. ’What the hell?!’ Alois cried out and got out of the bed as fast as he could. You didn't know what happened but Alois seemed rather angry. ’Why the hell did you do that, Claude?!’ he inquired with a booming voice. Claude looked up at him with a totally blank expression. ’But, highness, you ordered me to clean it up,’ he replied calmly. ’But it didn't include you licking my ass!’ Alois shouted it with a red face. So this is the solution to the mystery of Claude’s hard-on. ’Can’t you let me go?’ you asked as you didn't want to witness their argument. ’Shut up!’ they said at the same moment and you kept on lying silently under Claude. ’I'm sorry, your highness, but there was a little on you, too,’ Claude said shifting into a sitting position. ’You bloody pervert! You imagined fucking me, don't you?’ Alois kept on ranting. ’No, your highness. I was rather thinking about what sounds would (Y/N) make if both of us were pleasing her,’ Claude said with a smirk on his lips.
You wished he was lying this one time as you were dead sure it would led to more trouble for you. A wicked grin appeared on Alois’ face and he took off the handcuffs so you would all fit into the bed. You let out an uneasy sigh and curled up into a ball. ’That won't do, (Y/N),’  you heard Claude behind you as he placed his arm over you. Alois lied down at the other side of you and squeezed your ass. You knew you couldn't stay like this longer as Claude alone was strong enough to make you lie uncurled. You reluctantly stretched out your legs and looked up from your chest. You found yourself inches away from Alois, the wicked grin still plastered on his face. He pulled you into a rough kiss, his fingers now playing with the rim of your stockings. Claude’s fingers were brushing over your breasts with occasional tugs at your nipples. You were surprised how good their hands roaming up and down your body felt.
Suddenly Claude knelt to the end of the bed. ’Both of you, if you would, lie on your backs,’ he said in a demanding yet polite manner. It was a bit shocking that Alois let him take control but you did as he said. Claude’s fingers were running up your leg while he bent his head to Alois’ crotch who seemed to completely get over the „bloody pervert” part of his rant. When his fingers reached your newly wetting pussy you involuntarily reached out for Alois’ hand. Claude’s lips were wrapped around his dick while he was rubbing your clit before pushing two fingers inside you. ’Damn it, Claude,’ you heard Alois mumbling with a never heard pleasure in his voice. Alois let go of your hand and instead started nibbling with your breasts. You reached out and started stroking Claude’s dick making him growl. When you started drawing circles on his tip, Claude pulled away from Alois.
He pulled out his fingers and licked off your juices. ’You are so sweet, (Y/N),’ he said pushing you up on the bed and bending his head down. Your slid your finger into his hair, holding onto him tightly while you wrapped your other hand around Alois’ cock and started stroking it. ’Just fuck me, please,’ you mumbled out driven by the agony their touches caused. Claude pulled away from you and lying onto his back he pulled you onto him. Alois moved behind you and stuck his cock inside you to wet it. Then he pushed it inside your ass as far as he could. ’(Y/N), you’re so tight,’ he said forcing his cock farther in. When Alois stopped to let you get used to him you felt Claude shoving his dick inside you. You screamed a little and your grip on Claude’s shoulder  tightened when they started moving in and out.
Claude pulled you into a kiss and Alois’ hands moved from your hips to your breasts. Alois was pinching and pulling on your nipples while you basically exchanged your tongue with Claude’s. You knew it wouldn’t be much before you reach your orgasm. You pulled away from the kiss to breath what was already hard from the sighs leaving your lips. Your back arched and your body was pressed against Alois. Claude’s hands clasped your breasts the moment Alois moved his. One trailed down your body to rub your clit, while his other was on your neck, holding you firmly while he was sucking on it.
You were squirming under their touches, your small movements matching their every thrust. You put your hands over Claude’s, gripping them when you felt your muscles tense for a moment before you leaned against Alois weakly. A few moments later you felt them releasing inside you, first Alois, then Claude. You were taking deep breaths, your body trembling from both the pleasure and the cold. You were tired, too so you lay down wrapping a blanket around your body. You fell asleep quickly with Alois holding you tight.

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