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One shots from my remaining fandoms.
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[Attack on Titan, Marvel, Black Butler and a few more ]


3. The Prince of Frogs

Living in LA was perfect until a playboy crossed your path. If you or your parents had enough money you could enter any place you wanted. You could throw parties and invite the elite of the city. Yeah, that was the case with me. My sister, Lori had parties every Friday. A few times I left my room to check on the guest but 90% of the time they were either jerks or were high on something or just simply drunk. I really hated this but as long our parents were okay with it I had to endure the ass-holes and bitches.
One occasion there were two guys, better looking than the average. It was only an accident I met with them. I was planning to get to the shop as there was only some „rabbit-food” at home. I dressed up and left my room heading to the entrance. I was crossing the hall when the „jockier” one spotted me. ’Hey sweetie,’ he smiled at me. ’Why leaving already?’ „The typical jock. He wants to hook up with me.”- I thought. I didn't answer but continued my way out. He was trailing after me. ’I can give you a lift if you’d like,’ he tried again. ’Fuck off!’ I retorted. He looked as if he never heard anyone saying this to him. I didn’t care, I needed my food. Luckily when I passed all the cars, he realised I don’t have one, so he turned back to hook up with someone richer. I turned onto the street on my left and soon I reached the little shop. ’Hey, Clara!’ I greeted the woman. She was Mexican, but she sold the best sandwiches in the neighbourhood. ’Another party?’ she asked knowing how much my sister liked them. I nodded and sat down on a stool. ’The usual. And I’d like to have a quattro formaggi sandwich, please.’ Clara quickly made one and put it into the oven. ’I guess there are awful people again,’ she said sympathetically. ’As always.’ My sandwich was ready and Clara packed it for me. ’Thank you,’ I said and give her the money. ’Bye!’
On my way back I ate my delicious sandwich. I wouldn’t dare crossing the house with it. When I entered the house I ran into the jock from earlier. ’I’m Nikki,’ he introduced himself smiling widely. ’And who asked your name?’ I asked back disdainfully. ’But I want to know yours, so I told you mine first,’ he said trying to steer me outside. We were in the lounge when another guy came up to us. ’I think I’m leaving. This place sucks,’ he announced to his friend. ’Wait Harry. We haven’t even got started to hook up with someone,’ Nikki said as it was a good reason. ’Oh, and she’s…’ he added but stopped as I still haven’t told my name. ’Does it matter if you only want to get me laid?’ I pointed out the truth. ’And I’d leave this place too, if it wasn’t my parents house,’ I said rather to Harry. ’Thanks for the advice,’ he replied and ditched us but he yet winked at me. Nikki seemed somewhat surprised but not for long. ’So you live her? Don’t you want to show me around?’ he asked. ’I sooner kiss a monkey than you,’ I stated and left him.
A few days later I met up with my friends at a nearby café. We frequented this place for ages now. It was a cosy place where we usually had breakfast. I was happy to see them as since we were university students we rarely met and the summer holiday was our almost only chance. The morning started well. I had a quick shower and got dressed. I left the house quite early and walked to the coffee shop. My friends arrived soon and we were deep in conversation when the two guys from last Friday’s party showed up. Luckily they haven't noticed me or at least didn't give a sign of it. It seemed to me that the one who wanted to hook up with me had a new victim for his little game, I shall say. I was laughing to myself as I saw how much he was struggling to get the attention of a hoe, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. When the guy, Nikki left to talk with the police officer who was writing a fine for illegal parking and the waitress left the table Harry smiled and winked at me. It was clearly noticeable and my friends spotted it. Melody nudged my side lightly. ’Go over to him,’ she whispered. I stood up with little enthusiasm and walked to the other table. ’Hi,’ I greeted him. ’Hello, beauty. I guess you managed to ditch him last week,’ he said rather interested. ’As you see. And by the way, I’m ____,’ I introduced myself finally. ’Nice to meet you,’ Harry smiled at me again. There was something in his smile which told me that he wasn't the same type as his friend. ’Would you mind giving me your number?’ he asked suddenly. I was a bit star-struck but agreed. I quickly typed it into his phone. ’But promise me you won’t tell it to him,’ I implored. ’I won't,’ he replied. I said bye and returned to my friends. Of course they wanted to know everything so I told them…
Later that day I got a message saying „You look cute when blushing. XO Harry”. I wasn't sure if he really meant it or just fooled me around but we started texting. In the upcoming days we kept on chatting. It was a pleasing change from the usual texts I received from my „dates”. I could finally talk freely as if I was talking with my friends. Harry never tried to show off his urge to get me laid, he rather spoke with me as with a simple friend.
One day as I was going home from the gym, Harry called me to meet up with him. He was a little flustered so I agreed to see him. He gave me his address and I drove to his place and parked my car on the street hoping it wasn't some kind of a trap. He was already standing in the doorway with a bewildered look on his face. ’Hello, ____. Come in!’ he greeted me. ’I hope you don’t mind the mess…’ Harry added mumbling. ’What is so urgent?’ I asked as I sat down on the couch. ’I throw out Nikki. He screwed up his life and I don't want to back him up but yet he’s my friend but yet again he hated my frogs…’ Harry confessed to me. ’You have frogs?’ I asked surprised. ’Yes, but… hey you’re not disgusted?’ he queried. ’Yeah. It shows you are willing to take responsibilities,’ I answered. ’So, if I get it right, you don't know if it was okay to send him away?’ ’Something like that,’ Harry said. ’I’m sure he will work out something. I don’t worry about him, he seemed rather adept in things like this,’ I said trying to calm him. ’But still, I worry a little for him. You know, we never quarrelled this much before…’ Harry stated. ’Hey, I promise, he’ll be okay,’ I replied and pulled him into a comforting hug. He automatically hugged me back. ’So you really like the fact that I have frogs?’ he asked it again. The sudden change of topic startled me. ’Yes, I do. Am I the first person to like it?’ I inquired. ’If I'm not mistaken, yeah. Even Nikki made fun of them,’ ha said and pulled away from the hug when he mentioned his friend.
’Is there anything else I can do for you?’ I asked. ’I'm still sweaty a little from gym so I’d go if you don't mind…’ I added. ’You can have a shower here, if you’d like. I can give you one of my tees to change into,’ Harry offered. ’Just please stay. You’re the only one I can talk to…’ His blue eyes filling up slightly with tears convinced me to stay. ’All right, I’ll stay,’ I agreed finally. ’Thanks, ____.’ Harry went over to the other room and returned with a T-shirt of his. ’Here you go,’ he said and also handed me a boxer of his. ’You can get this on as shorts,’ he explained quickly. I grabbed the clothes and entered the bathroom. It was a tiny room with nothing more but a toilet, a sink and a shower. I quickly took of my clothes and stepped inside the shower. I opened the water and let it run a little to warm up. I hastily washed and dried myself and put on Harry’s clothes. He obviously worn the tee before as its smell was a pleasant mix of washing gel, mothballs and his scent. I collected my clothes and returned to the small living room and throw onto a chair my stuff. ’It feels much better,’ I stated as I plopped down on the couch. ’And you look pretty, too,’ Harry smiled at me. I blushed at his compliment. ’So, what are we going to do? Talk, watch a movie or play something?’ asked pointing at the console. ’Or we could just cuddle?’ he suggested. I blushed even harder when he reached for my cheeks and gently pulled my face closer. ’Umm, ____, can I kiss you?’ Harry whispered. I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. The kiss was sweeter than I expected. His lips were soft and his tongue was moving smoothly and we easily synced our movements. He pulled away and bit his lower lip to tease me. I quickly sat onto his lap and pinning him to the back of the couch I kissed him eagerly. Harry bore his finger into my back when I sucked on his lip. ’You really drive me crazy,’ he said when we pull away for air. ‘And you do so,’ I replied while ruffling my hair. ’But can we not hurry things?’ I asked as my few previous relationships wrecked because of this. ’Of course, darling,’ Harry answered and pulled me into a hug…
A few days later I was at Harry when Nikki turned up. He apologised for being an idiot and told us that he really loves Heather and he wants to go after her to New York and propose her. Well, he was short of money so he borrowed from Harry. I knew he will never return it so I offered to pay the half of the ticket’s price. Harry went to the airport with him as I had to go home for a family dinner. After the dinner I changed my clothes, snuck out of the house and met up with Harry to go stargazing. While we were lying on the blanket I snuggled close to him. ’Harry?’ I asked timidly. ’Hmpf?’ he muttered back. ’Would you like to meet my parents and sleep over at us?’ I brought up the idea. ’Do you think it’s a good idea? I mean I'm not in the same class as your family…’ he opposed. ’For God’s sake Harry, how long do you want to hide? I mean you should meet them; I don't care if they think you’re poor. I didn't fall in love with your wallet or bank account,’ I said seriously. ’It’s good to know. So, the frogs charmed you?’ he joked around just to avoid my question. ’Harry, could you be less foolish?’ I exclaimed as I punched his arm lightly. ’I'm not really keen on the idea but I guess I ought to…’ Harry replied to my original question. ’Okay. Then you’re expected for dinner, next Saturday at 7 pm,’ I stated as if it was natural. ’But I don't have to dress up nicely, you know a suit or tux isn't necessary?’ he asked frightened. ’Hell, no. But wear your better jeans at least,’ I threatened him playfully. ’You…’ he started a retort but I quickly cut off him with a kiss…

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